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World Cup 2010

Started by bakangizo, June 09, 2010, 05:00:17 PM

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Yeah. The big event is around the corner. Starting Friday, football's greatest show, and the world's biggest single-sport event, would kick off for the very first time in African soil. I must say that I have  never seen a world cup where so many start players were "sacked" by injuries at the last minute. It is sad, really. Any footballer's ultimate dream is to play in the world cup, and prepares hard for years and prays for it. Then to lose out this way at the last moment is unfortunate. This list includes Rio Ferdinand, Robben, Drogba, Mikel, Pirlo, Ballack, Essien, Cardozo, Nani, etc. Lets hope, for the good of the game, that the likes of Drogba and Robben, who have a little of hope getting better, overcome thier injuries.

So, the favourites? Personally, I feel it won't go beyond the usual favs - Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy. This is not discounting England and France, as they also have the pedigree to go all the way.
For Nigeria, I just hope we don't get disgraced. But football being what it is, the lads might just put up a fight and do a decent job.

So, here's for a memorable and exciting World Cup. Lets go 2010 8)


For health and Psychological reasons i would advise Nigerians to not put too much hope in the Super eagles.
If they win fine,but if they get disgraced then don't be too sad. The world cup is a game of professionalism,endurance and tactics.

My worry is that Yobo and Echiejille are traditional players that chase the ball wherever it goes. They seem to forget what the coach asks them to play. Once they enter the field and hear the crowd roaring they get confused.

My prediction is we will draw against Argentina,beat Greece and loose against south-Korea.
Argentina will beat Greece and south Korea.
South Korea will loose against Greece.

Argentina and Nigeria will qualify :)
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Wow1 So you got the whole matches figured out? ;D Well, I don't know about how the result would pan out, but I also have a sneaky feeling the Eagles may just make it from the group. Which would be a small miracle considering how poor the team is.


My predictions have been proven to be incorrect.
The super eagles performed beyond expectation. Our goalkeeper did very well in the match.
I hope and pray we will scale to the next round.

Germany is a team to watch after their 4-0 defeat of Australia.
England wasn't too good but france is good.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


You can see how bad Nigeria's football is now. We lost, but we still happy that the team tried. Kai! I think Lagerback showed that with a good coach can squeeze out something extra even from a bad squad. But it evident that Enyeama was solely responsible for the 'respectable' scoreline. It could easily have been 7-0 :o ;D

Har yanzu ban ga wani team din ya burge ni ba. Damadama Germany. Lets see Brazil, Spain and Italy play, may be they would up the standard of the matches.

I can understand the call to ban the vuvuzelas!! Noisy, distracting and just nuisance.  But this is Africa, we do our things differently ;D

Goga - that "jabulani" ball is giving players wahala. I don't like it.


Yes indeed.
The 'Jabulani' is a flop. Its too fast and really it bounces too much.
It is also bad for free kicks as all the free kicks i have seen are poor and its because of the ball.
They should go back to the original ball.

They call the jabulani the roundest ball ever and it seems all they wanted to achieve is the roundness and not the efficiency of the ball.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Quote from: gogannaka on June 14, 2010, 05:20:00 PM
It is also bad for free kicks as all the free kicks i have seen are poor and its because of the ball.

Thank you. Exactly what I told my friends. All freekicks taken so far were bad, as the ball always just flew wayward or skyward.


Did anyone watch the Kickoff concert?
SA has really tried.
I learnt that the songs 'waving flag' by Knaan and 'waka waka' by shakira are blasted everywhere in South Africa.
Do you think Nigeria can give such a magnificent hosting?
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


I missed the concert. I really wanted to see it because I have a feeling SA would do well. Kai ma dai, how can Nigeria organize something perfect like that?


That was a rubbish game by the super eagles. Although one can say the red card contributed a lot to make it difficult for the team in the game. Sani was simply stupid.


Lucky i didn't watch the match.
Mathematically we still have a chance because Argentina dares not loose against greece while south Korea beat us.
We need to trash south Korea with as many goals as possible and then sit back and hope argentina trashes greece.
Purely mathematical.
As for me,as i have said earlier,for health and psychological reasons,i don't expect the super eagles to go farther than the 1st round.
Nigerians should not even worry they didn't celebrate reaching the semi's. We have a N10billion celebration coming in october.

Did anyone watch the Ivory coast Brazil Match?
It was full of drama.
Brazil's second goal had 2 handballs in the buildup to the goal.
The yeye referee was,after giving the goal,asking the goal scorer 'shebi u use you chest to control abi' and pointing to his chest.
There has been bad officiating so far in many matches with too many undeserved red cards.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


There were bad refereeing decisions but the brazil-cote d voire ref was the worst. Fabiano used his hand to control the ball, used his hand agains to bring the ball down and scored >:( And the stupid, useless was foolish enough to go meet him, point at this arm and both oif them laughed. Did the fool forget about the cameras? I wait to see what FIFA would do about it. But then again, I fear nothing would be done. Dama Ghaddafi had already accused FIFA of being a corrupt organization.

About nigeria - Sani Kaita had received about 1000 death threats in his email. The NFF had written to the Sport ministry and federal govt on the issue. honestly, this is just madness. Kuma yan kudu nan ne, kasan basu da hankali. Ina mamaki irin halin su. Balle ma gashi "mallam" ne culprit din. Faduwa tazo daidai da zama. Makancewa suke kawai in har wani abu ya hada da arewa. Mahaukatan banza kawai. Kuma abin takaici sai kaga mu muna kin namu, muna son su. Wai mu masu "gaskiya" da "objective" ::) >:(


Nigeria finally out.
Yakubu blew the best chance away. The miss is now officially the worst miss in world cup history.
The referee wasn't good also.

I think the underdog team to watch is the USA.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Of course. It was what we expected, so no wahala ;D

That Aiyegbeni miss was the miss of the century according to the commentator. I really really hope the likes of aiyegbeni would never come close to the national team again.

Italy are out. Wow! The defending champions. Although everyone saw it coming. The was in bad shape and the coach refused to listen to protest in Italy as he left many better players at home.


Not to talk about France.
The French team is worse than the Super eagles and even kanoonline 11 can beat them.
Ba discipline.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment