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Kano lonline website

Started by Mary Anderson, January 17, 2010, 07:11:17 PM

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Mary Anderson

Please can someone tell me what the shoutbox is, and why we have to look at this before we see anything interesting?

Also, it would be nice to see more varied photos of higher resolution on the home page.

Thanks! Na gode.


Hello Mary and welcome to kanoonline.

The shoutbox is sort of a shoutbox  ;D
Where you leave short 'shouts' or brief texts that will be displayed in the shoutbox.
I haven't been seeing it in a while on the board,i dunno how you came across it.

I will leave admin to answer the remaining.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment

Mary Anderson

Thanks, gogannaka. It see the empty shoutbox every time I log on, and every time I load a different part of the website. Seems like a waste of space to me! Mary


There's a small minus sign beside the date and time just beneath the flash pictures,if you click on it the shout box should disappear  ;D
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


welcome Maryam Anderson to Kanoonline, if you dont mind
we will love to see your introduction at the chit chat board.

stay cool yo.
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