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Started by Dan-Sokoto, October 09, 2002, 12:23:11 AM

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Assalaam Alaikum Members kanoonline!

I was just driving to office today and an idea just snapped into my head. I said, i was gonna share it with all memebrs as follows -

- ? ?What about holding an annual/yearly 1 or 2 days kanoonline members convention preferrably to hold in Kano City at a location and time of the year to be discussed and agreed by members?

At such a convention, prominent speakers either from amongst the members or from the academic community or religious leaders could be invited to deliver a POSITIVE lecture on a topical issue relevant and dear to KANO. During the convention, an event of say a lunch/liyafa could also be organized. But we will not get involved-in or discuss political issues. I am advising that, the lectures be confined and related to only issues of ethical, moral, religious or social concern of non-political nature.

However, i know i am going to be hard hit about this, because all of you will be home in the midst of loved ones and i will be a foreigner and far away from home-Sokoto. Suffice it we from Sokoto are trained to always make sacrifices most especially for our brothers and sisters Kanawa.

Any way this is only an idea.

Massalaam Dan-Sokoto


iz there some kinda distinct difference b/w kano peeps and sokoto peeps...?
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  Salamu alaikum brotha...the idea is like WHOA!  :o

The speaking part  sounds soooooo interesting and appealing :)

hopefully it works out.




Assalamu Alaika
Although I have been rebelious to almost all suggestions proposed by this forum, I cannot but agree with Dan Sokoto's proposal.
Wato annual convention lokaci ne ,and indeed a medium, wanda yan uwa zasu sadu su tattawana game da larurorin dake damun jama'a. Ina ganin cewa tunda muna da matsaloli dayawa a gida, yakamata muyi wannan taro.
After seconding your motion, Dan Sakkawato, I would add, cant we make use of the best technology today by having a TELE CONFERENCE. It seems out of the ordinary for someone living in NIgeria, but do able to us living abroad.
Its just a thought but should you need more info on what my idea is, email me .
Dan sakkawto yau Allah yayi we are on the same side.......Huh?


Who is gonna be responsible for our tickets? :-/ ::)
Kano online or kano state government?
Is really a great idear ;D
And i think is about time for kano state government to make some kind of contribution to kano online. :-X
aNo Ta DaBo ChiGaRii, GaRi Ba KaNo Ba DaJin ALLaH.



Fulani, long time, where have you been lately? You know the idea of a forum is for members to look out for each other and we were starting to miss you and your contribution.

Good question you asked! How are those members outside Nigeria to get their way to the convention? Well, i thought of that also. That was why, i opined that, the period for the convention could fall within a period that, ordinarily most members either in Nigeria or outside would be home in kano City. I will not suggest any specific period for you Kanawa. All i know for us Sakkwatawa is that, every Ba Sakkwace worth his salt should be in his place of origin at least once a year during one of the Moslem Eid festival. But note that during eid-el-fitr some members may be off for umra.

Nonetheless, i will live this issue to all the members and the kanonline administartors to decide. My only assurance of solidarity and brotherliness to you kanawa as ba sakkwace is that, i will try within the constraints of my work and commitment to be present at whatever period you folks choose.

On the issue of involvement of kano State Government, if i am not mistaken there is a disclaimer somewhere in this kanoonline website disassociating the site from the government. My sincere advise to the administrators of the site is to maintain that policy and stay clear away from government or its patronage in any way or form. Please note, this a personal advise from someone who has started to fall in love with




Dansokoto  sai ka shirya mana waje a Giginya hotel ko.
l'mar'u ma'a man ahabba.


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Dan-sokoto, "LoL":D  
I'm right here just a bit busy.
Thanks brother, really nice to know kanoonline care about its members.
Well count me in when ever the convention gonna be inshah Allah.
Basakkwacema yace "yes" bare kuma bakanuwa 8) :D
Ko a buhun barkono na iso ::):D
aNo Ta DaBo ChiGaRii, GaRi Ba KaNo Ba DaJin ALLaH.


Assalaam Alaikum!

Ai Mallam Amin a kullum muna side daya! Even when i don't agree with your ideas, which is so in most cases, just know that i respect them Amin. Ko kai dan NEPU ne? permanent opposition?

Suggestion naka, na video-conferencing is a good and solid idea. So let us all hear it and appraise it.

Sai An juma.



Assalaam Alaikum,

Yeah conference will do...cause ba kowa bane zai zamowa a Nigeria a wannan lokacin ba. Insha Allah it'll work out ?;D
greetings from Ihsaneey


Assalaam Alaikum;

Video-conferencing? did I hear somebody say video-conferencing. Alright lets get start... How many people here have web cams or any video attached to their Komfuta? Lets discuss how we can hookup and join up. Mallam Amin you go first. Lets get this ... stated right...


Assalaam Alaikum,

Uhm...I do have a webcam on my comp. so it's all good. ;D
greetings from Ihsaneey



Good idea, count me among the ay sayers.

Many Salaams