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Kannywood Movie Review: ADUNIYA
« on: May 31, 2014, 08:12:23 PM »
Kannywood Movie Review: ADUNIYA

Director:       Geoffrey Galadima
Producer:      Rabiu Haruna
Story:           Yakubu M. Kumo
Language:     Hausa
Year:            2014
Company:      Al-Rahuz Film Production, Kano

Hausa film spectators are introduced to a new genre of Science-Fiction by the filmmakers of Aduniya. The same is said in its earliest preview on The Premium Times online newspaper in its September, 4th, 2013 edition. The same had also been mentioned like a litany in the film’s often-repeated adverts on the radio stations and in numerous other films. The boisterous voiceover boasts that viewers will, for the first time, see cars getting exploded like never before, the actors in unprecedented and more captivating roles and, above all, the director of the film was “brought” from abroad. This reviewer sees the production and the formation of the film as avant-garde, for, although no denying the fact that sci-fi is a novel thing in Kannywood, the filmmakers are just experimenting the idea, which, if succeeds, will pave way for more of its kind. However, that may or may not be so.

The film begins from a television interview with Prof. A.A. Hussain (Tijjani Faraga), who is described as one of best scientists in the country whom even the Western superpowers have enticed, but he turned them down. Later in the night some assassins visit his residence and asked for his computer password. He resolutely refuses, thus they kill his wife and threaten to kill their son. He eventually capitulates and tells them, but they murder him, too. Upon delivering the password to their hirer, he detonates a bomb implanted in their car to kill them all. The bereaved kid, Kamal (Ibrahim Maishinku), is taken by General Hadi (Tahir Fagge), a science-savvy close friend of the deceased Professor. He vows to avenge his death, and to look after the child as if he were his.

Kamal is, since childhood, trained to shoot and kill by the General. Years after he’s grown up, he gave him an album carrying pictures of those, according to him, responsible for his father’s death. He unhesitatingly hunts them down, killing them one after another. Some henchmen capture him...
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