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;)I'm trying to locate a friend Mr. Yahaya Yusufu

Started by Anonymous, December 03, 2002, 11:05:06 AM

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I'm trying to reach a man, and his name is Mr. Yahaya Yusufu
I met this man year's ago in the early 80's when he attended the University in the USA.  The name of the University was UNO of Omaha  Nebraska, and the othe was Metro Tech Community College Fort Omaha campus, however, I have been
searching for him thur Boomie. com,, and hopefully
kanoOnline will do the trick, because he's from Kano, Nigeria.
I haven't seen this man for 21 years, and have a great longing to know how he's doing he's such a kind hearted and wonderful man.  My name is Mary and I'm from Omaha, NE. in the USA, nevertheless, I hope someone who know him will see this message.  My email is  

Mary P.