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Started by Anonymous, July 21, 2002, 03:55:10 PM

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Late Mallam Aminu Kano of blessed memory use to preach politics of ideology not politics of thuggery and violence, and you will agree with me that no politician in present day Kano can achieve what the late Mallam has achieved.

It is discouraging that our elites are running away from politics therefore leaving the field to thugs and money bags, where are the elites when 90% of our Hon. members in the house of assembly can not even differentiate their left from their right hand, and these bunch are the ones making laws for us,
for the first time in Kano we allowed some people to divide us as 'DANKAUYE' and YANBIRNI, I can not figure it out, why this division? can somebody give me a sincere answer? look at what is happening now no portable water, with all our dams, insecurity courtesy of yandaba and armed robbery, our schools in shambles courtesy of free feeding, all our major roads are death traps and above all our hospitals are well renovated but without drugs and qualified personnel, all what we are hearing is TAZARCE ?Iam not against any body YA ZARCE OR YA GOCE, but please and please let us use the scarce resources at our disposal to better the lives of our people through loudable projects and also as a chellenge to our elites let them came out to participate in on going politicking.

Kano is blessed with both human and natural resources, let us join hand and make it violent free zone, let us not make ?the TAZARCE issue be a matter of life and death, let us join hands to say no to political thuggery.


Mallam Ado, I am indeed very impressed with your bright Ideas on Kano politics. Kano is known to be the mother of Northern and Nigerian politics in general, the home of late Mallam Aminu Kano (the saviour of the talakawas) who spent his entire life fighting for a better life for the masses, the home of late General murtala Muhammed(the most revered Nigerian leader ever), and ofcourse Alhaji Abubakar Rimi( The most charismatic and radical politician in Nigeria and the best Governor Kano state ever had. The sit of radical politics in Nigeria, the birth place of NEPU; the most radical party in Nigeria which strove all along from 1950 to date under different names but the same Ideology and helped to change the lives  of Northern Talakawas who were before then oppressed by the powers that be.
   Despite all these endowments given to us by God almighty, we decided to throw it to the dogs and take to politics of division between yan kauye and yan Birni, politics of thuggery and black mail, as Mallam Ado put it. I once had a tough time in nmn with those who belong to such school of thought in trying to expalin to them how awkward that politics of yan birni and yan kauye is. Unfortunately the learned ones are the problem.
   The only soluton is to go back to the teachings of our late hero Mallam Aminu Kano, to take to the politics of Ideology rather than Naira politics and the cheap politics of yan birni and yan kauye. I really hope that the learned ones will go back to Mallam Aminu Kano school of thought and therefore help to bring to an end the continues degeneration of our Political heritage.
                      Concerned indegene of Kano state
                           Mohammed wailare (Ph.D)


Radina billahi Rabban,
Wa bil Islami Dinan,
Wa bi Muhammadin Nabiyya!"




very heartfelt reflection on a real hero of kano - Mallam Aminu Kano.  Indeed what we see today as kano politics is just shambles.  As indicated by guest we just have thugs and theives with money bags who have thrown decency and human needs out of kano politics.  Instead we find them promoting religious fanatism in order to oppress the masses, and deny them basic needs and rights.