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List of Internet Access and Cafes in Jigawa?

Started by sdanyaro, October 24, 2002, 05:37:13 PM

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List of Internet Access and Cafes Services in Jigawa State?

We are trying to compile a list of all Internet Access and related Services - Internet Cafes, E-mail Services, etc... for our visitors.
Here is the list so far, please if you have any that I left out post it here for us. You may also
let us know if any is no longer in service and/or notify us about wrong information. You can also
rate it based on their service(s),
Price of their services, correct address and other information about it.

Thank you very much.

Nitel -

Thanks to;


I believe by now Jigawa can be rated the largest internet provider in the country, especially with the Dutse main Hub now fully operational.
You can also find connectivity in the following areas provided by the Dutse main-hub:
1. Birnin-kudu
2. Hadeja
3. Dutse
4. Gumel
5. maigatari
6. Kazaure.
the speed is great in any of the above mentioned LGA's



  In addition to what a colleage has said above , the broadband access network is extented not only in jigawa but also abuja is ON and many more state are coming with the hope that very soon the network will cover the whole africa