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Wake up call for the negligents

Started by Bagumel, December 31, 2003, 12:49:11 AM

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As people are so much engrossed in materialism busy in getting more and more materials that would enable them live a comfortable life they tend to forget the Main purpose of their creation. Although Religious matters require full-time attention Yet man has inadequate time at his own disposal to spare due to gross negligence and Occupation with Worldly affairs. He has forgotten that one day he has to die weather he likes it or not and give account in front of his Creator. The life is so short sixty Seventy years to a hundred if you are lucky enough then you have to pass on to another life in the Grave before Resurrection standing before the Creator for judgement that will take approximately fifty thousand years of this World. So man should ponder and take provision with him to this strenuous journey ahead of him rather than deliberately trying to put aside and forget the purpose of his coming to this temporary abode of illusion before returning to the permanent and eternal Abode of Success that has no end. Although the journey is difficult and quiet hazardous Yet we have no alternative but to take the provision of Worship (Ibadah) Knowledge and Practice without which we will get nothing in the Hereafter. So therefore he who is deprived of this provision will regret after he left this World and he shall not be able to come back after he arrived there like a baby cannot go back into the womb of his mother once he comes to this world. Therefore as the journey is strenuous full of pit-falls only few people are willing to take this course. Even of the few who take this course only a few put into practice their intention with firm conviction, determination and resolution. Therefore it is no surprise to see those who reach their goals are fewer than expected. Such fewer people will be the most honourable servants of Allah whom He will exalt in both this World and in the Hereafter. May Allah the Exalted with His Special Mercy include us among such righteous servants of Allah who will be showered with countless blessings and favours in both the Two Worlds. If you carefully follow these steps which I will Insha-Allah enumerate you will reach your final destination with success and joy. I culled some of these very interesting steps from Imam Gazelle?s Book Minhajul-Abedeen added my observation and condensed them into Eighteen items altogether.
If you carefully follow them irrespective of whatever Worship or Ibadah You are doing by the Grace of Allah you will reach your destination which is the pleasure of Allah that was attained by the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

1. If a person resolves for the first time to take this path, he receives Allah?s guidance and help who in return put light (Nor) in his heart that would enable him distinguish between right and wrong. He described this sign of Light in the Quran in Chapter of Zumar the Troops verse 22. Is he whose Bosom, Allah has expanded for Islam so that he follows a light from His Lord (the same as he who disbelieve). Then woe unto those whose hearts are Hardened against remembrance of Allah. Such are in plain error... The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) has described three signs of this Light that has entered the heart as Distancing oneself from the House of fraud i.e. Duniya and turning to the Eternal House and finally preparing for death before its arrival.
So therefore this is a sign that one has taken the Life Hereafter seriously and is striving for it and therefore he moves the next step.

2 After this resolution a person comes to the conclusion that Allah the Lord Master of The Universe has been very kind to him by guiding him and giving him countless blessing that are so numerous the most important of which is Guidance (or Hidayah) which a person cannot buy with materials.
Therefore a person begins to think that the person who gave him all these
Bounties is bound to be thanked. So it is necessary to give thanks and expresse gratefulness to Allah for choosing him out of millions of people
to shower such blessing which will continue to multiply so long he continues to give thanks to him as He stated in the Quran ? And If you give thanks (for His bounties) He will increase and if you deny My Punishment is Severe. With this in mind Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) taught one of his Companions Muaaz Bin Jabal to be supplicating after every Prayer thus ( Allahumma Aainni Ala Zikirika Wa Shukuruka Wa Husni Ibadatika) oh Allah Help me to remember you and give thanks to you and worship you in the best manner. So if you are treading this path please take note.

3 There are 3 different types of Shukr or showing gratitude to Allah. One you do not express it verbally and second you express it only by tongue and thirdly you not sincerely express it only by tongue but all your limbs become submissive to the Commandments of your Creator. So this is highest and best way of expressing thanks to your Sustainer, the Nourisher and Provider. This will Lead you to be curious about this Being who gives Life and Death The All-Knowing Everlasting Who never dies and maintains His creation without getting tired; the only Being who is not in need of sleep nor will slumber overtake Him. So therefore one understands nobody is Worthy of Worship except Him. He is the one who has created Paradise for his Obedient Servants who will one day see Him as we see the Fourteenth Moon without any difficulty and made the Fire of Hell for all those who disobey him and try to be arrogant disregarding His Commands will suffer eternal doom without any helper beside him. So that is why He sent all His Prophets to inform the mankind about His Mercy and Fear His Wrath. These and other information about the Creator will create what is called Yakeen (Firm Conviction) in the Hearts of His servants who will dutifully and obediently carry out his injunctions without fear or hesitation.of any of His creation.

4 In return this belief would instil fear and anxiety in the heart of the faithful Servant of Allah who would in turn submit to Him faithfully without any hesitation or doubts which is usually found in those whose hearts there is disease and Allah will increase there diseases and theirs is a painful doom for their lies. It will awaken the servant to live to his responsibility and will never slack in his duty whic is imposed on him by his Creator Which most people unfortunately do not care to discharge faithfully. Now who is this Creator? Well He the same one who Adam worshipped so also Noah Worshipped ,similarly Abraham also Moses, Jacob Joseph, Ishmael Jesus and Finally Muhammad (All Peace Be upon Them) all came to teach Mankind. It is the same God Who is Ever Living Who never died and will never taste what me and You who will one day taste this same death. So therefore we must adore the one who has no Partner, the Only One Who begets not nor was He begotten and there is none comparable to Him. To know more about Him you must read His Last Message in the form of Quran which was revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) after he gave the Injeel to Jesus, Torah to Moses and Psalm to David all worshipping the same God we were commanded to Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us and that, which was revealed unto Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes and that which Moses and Jesus received from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them and unto Him we have surrendered .We worship the same God which all these Prophets used to worship who is not the Father of any of them nor is He the Husband of any Female of His Creation nor can he ever become the Uncle or Grandfather of any of such Makhluk.or creation.
Try to learn more from His Book and the Sunnah Way of His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

6 After realising the task ahead, you are therefore not expected to sit down fold your arms doing nothing in expectation of the Mercy or Rahmah of Allah. No doubt Allah is Forgiving Merciful but He also expects you to obey His injunctions if you want Him to shower His Blessings on you as We always call on him to give us good in this World and good in the Hereafter and Protect us from the Fire of Hell. So therefore be merciful on yourself by exerting pressure on your Nafs (Self-Ego) to start worshipping the Superior Master, the Lord of the Whole Universe as you have been serving Junior Master of the World in the name of your Boss. He Is the Rabb, Lord of all the Lords, Master of all Masters whose command everyone without exception must obey. He is the One who will Question us and no body will question Him for whatever He does He is the Wise The All-knowing. Giver of Kingdom to Whom He wills and withdraws kingdom from Whom He wills. He exalts whom He wills and abases whom He wills. That is Allah there is no God but Him. He himself bears witness that there is no God save Him so also the Angels and all men of Learning too are witnesses to this fact.
Maintaining justice again there is no God save Him the Almighty the Wise. Therefore having gained this knowledge about Him it is incumbent upon you to wake up from slumber and be prepared to sacrifice your pleasure in order to please Him as you used to please your bosses and acquaintances who sometimes deliberately take no notice of your effort. But Allah is Ever Thankful and Forgiving. So be alert and immediately return to your real Master who is Shakurun Haleem, otherwise you will end up in the misfortune of becoming Shaqee (Unfortunate in the Hereafter) instead of becoming Saeed (The Fortunate).

7 After reflecting for a while see how much you disregarded the orders of Allah in the past. Compare your obedience to Him and your obedience to other Creations like you who will neither benefit nor harm you except with the permission of Allah ,and yet He has not taken you to task although He is Sariul Hisab (Quick in Prosecution) and Shadidul Iqab (Stern in punishment).All along He has been very kind and lenient with you yet you have not recognised His leniency. You are busy trying to please other Creations who do not care much about your plight yet He takes care of you while you deliberately try to flout His commandments and the Sunnah Way of His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). If you are sincere Muslim who has submitted his will to Allah you must turn to him sincerely in repentance as you do not know the time when the Angel of death will visit you either at home or abroad while you are in the state of your unfortunate Ghafala (heedlessness).So therefore for goodness sake turn to him sincerely and do not forget him or else He will make you forget yourself.
8 Obviously by intending to do good a person may come across so many obstacles, namely Duniya wise (Worldly Affairs) that will attract you with its charms and beauty, in addition other creations of Allah will engage you in their Services which you will faithfully discharge in order to get promoted discarding the promotion in the Hereafter which every one should be aiming at. In addition to these two apparent obstacles there are two hidden enemies who are working against you namely Shaitan (Satan) and Nafs (Self-Ego).As for Satan He is working 24 hours Day And Night He And His Community trying to misguide the Children of Adam so as to enable him take as many as he can to the Fire of Hell before the End of the World. So you should be seeking refuge from Allah against this a vaunt enemy who is relentlessly making effort in order to destroy me and you. In collaboration with the Nafs the Ostentatious Self-Ego proclaiming it Self as * me* or I in the end will lead the same Self I in the ditch. So therefore to control the Nafs you should adopt Taqwa the Fear of Allah which will help elevate you as He said the Most Honoured amongst you in the sight of Allah is He who has got Taqwa. It is not your power, or material wealth that will bring you closer to your Creator. So
Therefore be careful do not be deceived by this short fraudulent despicable Duniya which is not as valuable as the wing of a Mosquito. If you are deceived well is unfortunate Allah will not lose anything as He is Ghaniyun Anil Alaameen not in need of anyone

9 By nature human being is weak he always wants do something positive but Due to this weak nature he cannot fulfil his desires as these desires can only be Fulfilled only in Paradise where he will be asked to express desire in which he will desire and desire until he exhausted all his desires then Allah (S.W.T) would tell him that he is given all what he desires and ten times more than his expectations. Therefore because of this ambition or desire, the man who wants to tread in the path of Allah will continue his effort despite all the obstacles surrounding him. Although he has overcome the four main obstacles i.e. Duniya, Nafs, Satan and the Creatures yet he will be confronted by another four. These are problem of Sustenance where by a person will be immersed in the thought of how he could secure his livelihood in order to maintain his dependents or family members.. Another obstacle that he may face is that of misgiving and fear as to weather this path which he is trying to tread is the right path or not. This will also instil fear and doubt in him in addition to the calamities and difficulties that he may face and finally the Divine Decree which could not be changed by anybody sometimes it is in ones favour and sometimes against him.. So what can you do when you are confronted with all these problems and others. A servant of Allah has no choice but to put his full trust in Allah and exercise patience in the event of any calamity or obstacle that he may come across and therefore submit passively with pleasure to any Divine Decree of Allah, God?s Willing such man will pass his exam successfully with credit or even distinction as we are all here itemporarily in this World for a short test.

10 So therefore do not give up, once you give up you fail and your enemies Nafs and Shaitan will overpower you and you will lose both Duniya and Akhirah, which is a real loss. It will be in your own interest to continue treading this path despite all your shortcomings. Naturally the Nafs with its evil qualities Is not interested in righteousness or Taqwa except the one whom Allah has shown favour. So therefore the best way to deal with Self-Ego is to force it to Obey the Creator weather it likes or not. The Nafs is like a horse without bridle If you don?t pull the bridle you will end up in a very unfortunate messy place of regret. Once you lull it by turning to obedience keeping Paradise in front and Shunning disobedience keeping the Hell in view this will help you become the Master of the Nafs rather than it becoming your Master. Some ended up worshipping the Nafs as Allah has mentioned in Suratul Jatheeyah Verse 23.
Has thou seen him who makes his desire his god and Allah sends him astray purposely and seals up his hearing and his heart, and sets on his sight a covering? Then who will lead him after Allah. Will you not then heed?

11 As stated earlier human being is very weak as he always succumbs to pressure.depending on where he finds himself. Despite the formal submission of his Nafs turning to worship from the Informal Disobedience to the aberration of formal obedience, still the Nafs wants be the Teacher and the Master with the help of Accursed Satan demonstrating Ria or Show off in the Ibadah. In addition as Nafs is Nafs it wants remain the same Me or * I * therefore the same pride of self remains in person despite the fact that he has made U-Turn from disobedience to obedience. However one should take into consideration that the love for show of his worships defeats the very purpose of that Ibadah. Unknowingly pride will lead him to start thinking he has become a Saintly figure therefore unwittingly he will fall prey to the Nafs and snares of Shaitan, thereby becomes victim of self-deception thus nullifying all his acts of Ibadah. In order to be saved from such deception one must be constantly beseeching the help of Allah to give him the ability to Serve Him faithfully and conscientiously without iota of Ria (Show) or Kibr (pride). Therefore one must also remember all the good qualities which he possesses are due to Allah?s help and Mercy.

12. In the absence of these two qualities Sincerity and Grace of Allah there are every likelihood that the good deeds may be ruined ending up in losing both Duniya and Akhirah. Due to this one should be afraid of his final end and should thereby continue to seek Allah?s Mercy and Grace to enable him accomplish the task which is ahead of him until he meets his goal. Imaan or Faith is between Fear and Hope and with the help of Allah you will realise Your goal as the Prophet taught Sayyadinah Muaaz not to forget to Beseech Allah after every Salah (Prayers) to help him to remember Allah Give thanks to Him and worship him in the best manner. The Prophet also taught Sayyadinah Abubakar to say ?Our Lord! Cause not our hearts to Stray after You have guided us and bestow on us Mercy from your presence Lo You are the only Bestower. Such duas and Supplications will help a Person overcome all difficulties and cross all the hazardous valleys and Hills that are lying in front of him.

13 In addition to supplications you should never forget to continuously express your gratitude to Allah who would in turn continue to give his special favours and blessing which He has been showering on you. By His Grace and Mercy He also saved you from committing sins and other vices. This means that Allah has chosen you as His close friend. So please be careful not to anger your friend by joining the other disobedient servants who have no regard for him. You must try your utmost best to strengthen your cordial relationship with your Creator in order to attract the continuous bounties which you have been enjoying exclusively without measure or stint... So if you reach this stage So you can confidently say Insha-Allah You are about to reach your goal in Life .You have fulfilled the purpose of life which we humans are all given together with Jinns only to worship the Creator. How do you do this is only by obeying the orders of Allah (S.W.T) as shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) who has been sent as Mercy to the entire Universe.

14 Allah has already completed His favour on us and chosen Islam to be our Religion. So therefore any other method which a person may adopt other than Islam will surely be a loser in the Hereafter. You should bear in mind being the Best of the Ummah for you command good and forbid evil. If you colntinue to follow this path, it will land you in Allah?s Mercy and Grace which eventually leads to His love. How will He love us? We must follow the footsteps of our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran ?Say if You (Proclaim) to love Allah so follow me. Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Not only will you gain Allah?s love you will in addition attain divine access to His Court and win His pleasure as the Companions of the Prophet (S.A.W) won Allah?s divine pleasure which is open to all those coming up to the Day of Judgement provided they follow their Footsteps with Ihsan the highest level of faith.

15 We shouldn?t forget the saying of the Prophet (S.A.W ) If Allah loves a person He will call Angel Gabriel (Peace Be upon Him) and tell him that I love so and so .Therefore you should also love him. Due to this the Angel will make announcement in the Heaven saying Allah Loves So and So therefore you should also love him. Due to this special favour the whole Angels in the sky will start loving that person and his popularity will spread in the Earth due to the blessing of Allah and His Angels who constantly pray for this person.
Therefore because of his favoured status of close proximity to the Creator whatever this person desires Allah fulfils it. As he is constantly absorbed in the Spiritual Affairs of the Hereafter though he may be bodily living in the World yet his thoughts and attention are fully concentrated towards the Life Hereafter. Due to this spiritual devotion his love for this temporary Duniya will Gradually vanish from his heart as he has turned his fullest attention towards his Creator the Master Allah (S.W.T.).Finally friendship will be established between this person and Allah (S.W.T). You can just imagine if you become the friend of the King of Kings Lord of the Heavens and Earth what a divine Beautiful Access will you be enjoying.

16 Due to this special Divine Access which a person gains he will anxiously be waiting for a call from The Lord of the Tremendous Throne Allah (S.W.T) Whom every one has to go back to him at the time of death. Although most People are afraid of death even though it is inevitable yet this special friend of Allah is looking forward to the Day when he is going to meet his Creator. On the other hand the Creator himself is pleased to meet this person at the time of death. This is the reason why He will ask his Angels to welcome His special Guest at which five hundred Angels from each Heaven out of the Seven Heaven
Will welcome the Soul of this person after death. It will be emitting such scented smell which will make the Angels in each Heaven to ask whose soul is it. May Allah through His Mercy make us among such people Amen? As this person is wise he has been preparing for this day before it comes. That is the reason why our Prophet (S.A.W) has described in one of His Sayings an Intelligent person is he who controls his desires and makes preparation for death which every one has to taste or face. You may live as long as you wish but one day you have to part with your beloved or despicable World according to how you view it and be transferred to the real Life Hereafter.

17 Now the final call has come the one who is prepared is prepared and the one Who is negligent and arrogant will be humbled before Allah and His Angels.
So the servant of Allah who has been making effort throughout his life is now time for him to reap the fruits of his effort. He is among the chosen that used to obey the commands of Allah as they used to say Oh Lord ! We believe therefore forgive us and have mercy on us for you are the best of all who show mercy. But unfortunately they were taken as a laughing-stock by the foolish arrogants until they caused them to forget Allah. So now the Merciful Creator has decided to reward them for their steadfastness verily they are now triumphant May Allah include us among them by His Mercy Amen. Now it is time for them to enjoy honour that has no disgrace, permanent bliss and enjoyment that is beyond description. They will be successful in the Grave crossing the bridge of sirat after the Grave i.e. Day of Resurrection and finally be shown their final abode in Paradise where they will live for ever and ever for endless life.

18 The Poorest person in Paradise as stated by the Prophet (S.A. W) Allah will honour him with the Paradise the size of which will be ten times bigger than this World. He will be given such bounties as no eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard and no human mind can comprehend. Like in this World people are hankering for status so also in the Hereafter there will different status called in Arabic Darajah those in the lower mansions of Paradise will see those in the upper mansions as we see stars in the sky. The lowest grade as we stated will get Paradise ten times the size of this World. How about the highest rank as Prophet Moses (Peace be Upon Him) asked His Lord Allah. In reply Allah (S.W.T) told him ?They are those whom I chose and established their honour
With My Own Hand. I attest with My Seal that they will be blessed with such Bounties as no eye has seen no ear has heard no human mind has perceived. May Allah in His Bountiful Mercy And Grace include us among chosen slaves who will enjoy His special favour of these great gifts which is awaiting all His Righteous servants in Jannah the best of which is beholding the Creator Himself. Allah the Exalted said those who believe and do righteous deeds, their Lord will guide them through their Faith under them will flow rivers in the Gardens of Delight there call in it will be Subhanaka Allahumma (Glory be to You O Allah) and their greeting in it will be Salaam (safety from evil) and their Final address will Alhamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. (Praise be to Allah Lord Of the Entire Universe.)
Babandi Abubakar Gumel