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Started by IBB, April 08, 2003, 05:01:52 PM

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Please can sumone tell me the story about Barbushe and aljana tsunburbura.


IBB Barbushe/tsumburbura sunayen Aljanune na yanbori.
Kamar su malam Alhaji, yar fulani etc
For more information contact your local yanbori.
aNo Ta DaBo ChiGaRii, GaRi Ba KaNo Ba DaJin ALLaH.





From the little I know Barbushe was a pre-Islamic leader of the then Kanawa who worshipped Tsumburbura on the Dala Hill.  Barbushe was identified as a brave and exceptional hunter who kills and took an elephant to his residence single handedly.  That time when it is time for their annual worship at the dutsen Dala, Barbushe yana wa tsumburbura kirari kamar haka:
              Ga tsumburbura kanawa!
              Mai gida bisa dutse..........."

The little I can recall.  But that impression of Ice that the two are "aljanun bori" is not correct, if some of us are close to the departments of languages & linguistics of either BUK or Unimaid kindly contact them and give us feedback so that the forum will benefit from your efforts.

Thank you.




Please can sumone tell me the story about Barbushe and aljana tsunburbura.

Thank Allah may be because of your question Tsumburbura joined this forum, :Dand our dear Tsumburbura can you please tell us your story since ur Existence till date,ur favourite colour,food ,drink,kai anything u think u can share with us


ok msince Tsumburbura is not willing to give us an insight on who she is,let me do some karanbani

Tsumburbura is God. The earliest inhabitants of Kano were descendants of a Gaya smith named Kano who had come to the Dala hill in search of ironstone. Dala was of unknown origin, but came to this land, and built a house on Dala hill. He and his wives lived there, and had seven children - four boys and three girls. Garageje, his oldest child, was the grandfather of Nuzame, the father of Barbushe, chief of the Kano people, a giant who killed elephants with a stick and carried them for miles on his head. By his wonders and sorcery, and the power he gained over his brothers, he became chief and lord over them. He was high priest to the god Tsumburbura, whose shrine was a tree called Shamus, surrounded by a wall. No one could enter the shrine but Barbushe: whoever else entered died. Barbushe descended from Dala two days a year, when mystic rites were performed in a grove. People came from all over to participate in the ceremonies, meeting at the foot of Dala hill at evening. When darkness came, Barbushe emerged with his drummers. He prayed to Tsumburbura, and the people responded. Then Barbushe descended, and the people went with him to the god. And when they drew near, they sacrificed what they had brought with them - a black dog, a black fowl, a black goat. Barbushe entered the sacred palace - he alone - saying that he was the heir of Dala and, like it or not, the people had to follow him. The people agreed to follow him. They marched around the sacred place until dawn, then rose, naked, and ate. Then Barbushe came and told them what would happen during the coming year.


ehen keep goin m enjoyin this who took over 4rom him?


Quoteok msince Tsumburbura is not willing to give us an insight on who she is,let me do some karanbani

Tsumburbura is God. The earliest inhabitants.....

Men, don't commit a sa'bo!

But what i heard bout these folks was they were both old timer Ginies of ancient kano who lived there for like some hundred years back if i may guess.

But they still exist i think, since Ginies don't die.
& tsimbirbira is now a member of kanoonline forum!
But it must be someone just messin round wit the same name
i think. because they don't use the internet!

Where are you ma sef tsimbirra ? come in & tell us your
story mana ?

Gaskiya tafi komai..........هو الذي


haba dante ya kake kawo shakiyanci haka..ka karanta history kuwa.

Tsumburbura like Kilishi said is the diety of kanawas and Barbushe was the priest-king of the kanawas simple. He was not the first and he was nt last before the Bayajidda conquest.

The tribes of kano then worship tsumburbura..a Jinn possessed idol. The religious offering and practices were forgotten mostly due to lack of written history, distruction of the worship by the conquest of the Dauras and long influence of Islam.

Other 'Hausa' tribes too had their own deities, for example the Sarki snake of Dauras.

Kilishi made an error in saying [Tsumburbura is God.] she should rather said Tsumburbura is a god. But anyway that is English, God knows what she meant!
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kilishi I definitely agree with yor argument.