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History of Jazz

Started by Anonymous, October 02, 2003, 03:10:00 AM

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I am doing a report on how Jazz was influenced by african tribal music.  I want to do it on a specific tribe and was wondering if there was one tribe that would be the best to do.  Also, does anyone know some history to go along with it?


Guest I totally agree with your words.


This is dedicated to all the musicians and people which support jazz one way or another.(Zaragemca's brief on Jazz Music).From 1700's to 1800's the syncronization which was taken place in the U.S. in relation to Ragtime,was also taking place in Cuba with its music which was called at that time 'habanera',this syncronization took a faster pace becouse the Haitian -Revolts(1789) which displaced frenchs and other peoples,forcing them to migrate to Louisiana and Cuba(creating a traffic between the two colonies,Louisiana-Cuba).In that process a great musician from Louisiana,Louis Moreau Gottschalk(1829-1869),visited Cuba(1854-1862),incorporating some of the music,recruiting some cubans musicians to play with him and meeting several composers from that country,creating an interes of that music in the U.S.(Cubanola Glides).The Civil War of of Cuba (1868 to 1878 forced the migration of many peoples which moved to Key West,Tampa ,NY,and Louisiana,also when the U.S. declared the war to Spain in relation to the Maine's ship,many service-men returning to the 'States' brought the influence of the music from Cuba, raising the curiosity of Columbia ,which did recording of Cuban's Band at that time (1909).Another musician from Louisiana Papa'Jack' Laine,(considered the first Caucasian to play jazz),also recruited cubans to play with his Reliance Brass Band(Alcides'Yellow' Nunez and the Mello's brothers(circa,1888-1900),Alcides'Yellow' Nunez,himself was only a few month short of being the first one recording clarinet with the Original Dixieland Jazz band(he left the Band just a few month before the historic recording.Another band Onward Brass Band,recruited another cuban musician Manuel Perez(1873-1946),which played with the band from 1898'till 1930's,becoming director from 1900 'till 1930's(under the directorship of Perez ,a lot of luminaries of jazz nortured their musical performanship),including Lorenzo Tio Jr., which later set up a Clarinet-School in Louisiana,teaching a lot of luminaries which became jazz-players,also Joe'King' Oliver,Louis Armstrong are in that band at that time.By 1910 the first jazz Band from Louisiana started touring California(San Francisco would have been a major venue for the development at that time,if wouldn't had going throught the Earthquake of 1909),which might have keep people away for few years.In 1911 the Original Creole Orquesta starts comming to California,also,Edward'Kid' Ory,relocated to California(considered the first African American Jazz Band recording for Sunshine Label)(1922).By 1914 there was already a Jazz- band in Cuba(Sagua Grande of Pedro Stacholy).In 1917 the U.S., enter the War and Storyville was closed so the musicians have to find other venues to play, many of them moving to Chicago,Jelly Roll Morton moved to California 'till around 1922, moving then to Chicago.In 1919 Luis Russell from Panama joined Manuel Perez's Imperial Orquesta,( may be the first Jazz player from Panama?),later playing with Joe'king' Oliver(1923,and Louis Armstrong,around 1929.In 1922,Jaime Prats formed the Cuban Jazz Band,recording with it,also a venue for the Jazz-skill developments of several musicians in Cuba,including his son Rodrigo Prats,(to be continued)..Dr. Zaragemca


Also around 1922,Louis Armstrong,leaves the Onward Brass Band to play with Joe'King'Oliver in Chicago.In 1917 The New york bandleader James Reese Europe recruits fifteen Puerto Ricans musicians for the 369th U.S. Infantry Military Band,with popularizd Ragtime in France during World War I. By 1925 Mario Bauza(The Godfather of Latin-Jazz) is already playing in jazz-band in Cuba,moving to the U.S. in 1930, playing with Don Redman,Sam Wooding,Noble Sissle,Fletcher Henderson and director of Chick Webb Band since 1933.Also around 1925 Argentina started playing that genre with,Francisco Canaro,Roberto Firpo,Adolfo Aviles,Rene Cospito,and the Rietti's brother being one of the pioneer in that country.On the other coin Clarence Williams becomes and important facilitator for recording of jazz and Blues,being Alberto Socarras one of the recipients of the opportunity for the first recording of Flute in the jazz-music(1927-1929),by that time Ramon(Moncho) Usera is also playing with Noble Sissle Band.Through the mid 1920's a lot jazz musicians are visiting and jamming in Cuba's Clubs and Casinos,Max Dollin,Coleman Hawkins,Louis Armstrong,Paul Withman,Ted Naddy,Jimmy Holmes,Frank Sinatra,Cob Calloway,etc.In the 1929 Duke Ellington recruits Juan Tizol(which came to the U.S.,in 1920), and around 1938 Mario Bauza is recruited as Musical director for Cab Calloway Band finding the opportunity for the young Dizzy Guillespie's in that Band.In the 1940's Dante Varela from Argentina moved to L.A. and started doing some musical arrengements for Stan Kenton,during the Dizzy Guillespie's tour of Argentina in 1956,he recruits 'Lalo' Schifrin as pianist,composer and for musical arrengement.Some Scholars set the fusion in jazz in the 60's,I think that the fusion in jazz started in 1940's when Chano Pozo and Dizzy Guillespie's did the historic recording which incorporated both cuban-folklore and a new instrument(Congas) in to jazz, creating a fire which was followed by the rest of the musicians in jazz.(everybody was looking for congeros,Sabu Martinez,Candido Camero,Mongo Santamaria,Armando Peraza,Patato Valdez Julito Collazo,Francisco Aguabella,Carlos Vidal,Jose Mangual Sr,Willy Bobo,Ubaldo Nieto, Silvestre Mendez,and others were the percussionists which the jazz players were incorporating in that fusion.Dr. Zaragemca