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Information Needed

Started by al_hamza, April 03, 2003, 10:15:21 PM

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I'll like to know from anyone of our diplomatic ties with the outside world b4 the invasion of the british.
Does anyone know if anything like this existed during the Dan-Fodio era?


Ofcause there was...
   Katsina, Kano, Kebbi and Zaria were all vassal states of the songhai Empire back in the 16th century, at about 1529. They paid tributries yearly to the empire which was based at Gao, somewhere near Timbuktu. They got defence in exchange, and also the trans sahara trade was also at this perios expanded to the Hausa states via them.
    Even after the fall of the empire, the Hausa states became intermediaries of trade between the forset states in the south and the countries in the north, west and east. They became very important trading states.
  And at about 1603, Kano was also a victim of the Borno empire, and it served also as a vassal state, before it gained its independance.
  Diplomacy...yes they knew that, but most people were enemies... its disgraceful to know even among the hausa states, the diplomacy wasn`t good at all. Their would have been a great Hausa nation, an empire perhaps.
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m imprest with wat u wrote i read that history too