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Wakokin Hausa..i just wonder whats happening

Started by arubuta, August 25, 2003, 08:11:08 PM

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let us consider our traditional way singing....wen i was young i just hate.i was thinking what r those ppl enjoying bout this music? it has somehow been vanishing while am begining to like it(or is it i liked it)..... no 1 now i belive is a singer like the famous Shata, Haruna (is ti Uge?), Dan-Anachi Dan Kwairo nd the like. we r neglecting this culture of ours.
Is it the western music that is substituting it or the new improved hausa songs that are  just dominating the scene. It can be that our young ones(the new generation bahaushe -no grudges pls)? Whats going on? is it to late to revive it?........i just wonder whats happening
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