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I pray that we get the full blessings of Ramadan and may Allah (SWT) grant us more blessings in the year to come.
Amin Summa Amin.

Ramadan Kareem,

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Started by Anonymous, January 09, 2004, 01:59:33 AM

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A man went to a barber shop to have his hair and beard cut as always.He started to have a good conversion with the barber who attended him.They talked about so many things
and variouse subjects.
suddenly,they touched the subject of Allah.The barber said "LOOK MAN,i dont believe that Allah exist as you say so(a'uzubillah)""why did you said that?
Asked the client,well its so easy.Oh tell me,if Allah exist,would there be so many sick people?would there be aboundent childeren?if Allah existed would there be suffaring nor pains...i cant think of a Allah who permit all those things" the client stoped for a moment thinking but he didnt want to respond,so as to prevent argument the barber finish his job and the client went out of the shop.just after he left the barber shop he saw a man in the street with a long hair nd beard(it seems that it had been a long time since he had  cut nd he looks so untidy)then the client again entered the barbers shop and he said to the barber ,know wat?Barbers dont exist.... he was like how come they dont exist?While am here and am a the client exclaimed they dont exist because if they do there wouldnt be people with long hair nd beard like that man who   walks in the street"Ah barbers do exist wat hpnd is that people dont cum to me...Exactely affirmed the client..thats the point.Allah do exist wat hpnd is that people dont go to him and do not look for him thats why dere is so much pains and suffering in the world.................


wao...this is just is realy inspiring...keep it up Samie, it's a good job!
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!