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Trauma of a woman!

Started by Ibro2g, May 04, 2003, 02:01:45 AM

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It hurts to be a man... hurts even more to be a woman
A gentle soul that never feels sorry for itself:
and unaccountable are the sacrifices it gives for all
This gentle soul is a soul of a "real woman"

Accused of weakness, bad luck and failure
associated with curses, evilness and labour
The woman has suffered too much of humanity
And humanity is too blind to see her grace

Endures everyday pain... minute after minute
Work without pay or complain for hours and hours.
strives to find a smile in a man, day and night
endlessly devoted to the pleasures of their man.

The woman: Enterpreneur of our homes
bearer of our children, and nurse of mankind
No man is complete without a woman
We may ask "Is there any gender stronger than she?"
Safety and Peace