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I miss you

Started by Maleeq, January 03, 2003, 02:38:20 AM

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I'm still here at home
Sitting up all alone
I still can't believe you are gone
Even though it's been that long
Many a  people insist I'm a fool
But hardly can I escape from the truth
I try as much to forget your name
But the struggle all in vain
Because it still remains vividly in my brain
I stand all night staring at the skys
All in search of a star as bright as your eyes
You mean the world to me
Wishing we live forever happily
I think and pray to God
And realise how much I miss your love.
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


    yoh abdulmalik that waz a preety nice poem. i think it waz awesome cos it reaveals flawless talent and appreciation for someone tht u miss. it reminds me of tha past moments we've shared with someone that waz dear to me
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


kai mallam duk kai kade?nice one keep it up :)

Ihsan confused here abdulmaleeq ??? you wrote the poem and you praised yourself ??? or did you forget to change your name?

Anyway...nice poem.
greetings from Ihsaneey

Aydee Fella

Emm dat nigga wat did I say again about self praises ? " its bad very very bad" okay ,so anytime u feel like this recite it to ur self okay?
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"


   yoh man i'm sick and tired of your endless criticisms.
  y dont u just leave a brotha pleazzzzeeeeeeee
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


I`m soryy dazz, I replied 4 u. thats bad huh. so everyone get that. I wrote when I was signed into him, that was really....whatever. plus if I may say again, Nice poem
Safety and Peace


           hmmmmmmmmm ........   man i like that ;)
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!