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A perfect Creation

Started by aliyuhydar, November 25, 2002, 06:20:56 AM

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The name re-echoes a million and nine times .
The trumpet sounds her praises
Her beauty eclipses that of roses
Whose overwhelming fragrance carries a message that wins the heart
The beauty who puts a million maidens to shame
Happy is my dad who makes her his abode  
Her voice is a serene song
To have her motherly advice means to me a good future
Mama U are what I cherish
I miss you
amp;quot;die famous"


Short, simply & it makes a whole lot of meanin & greased up 2 perfection. Nice one.




terrific...this is really gr8 man. Plus love sells alot. further more, there is non like mama
Safety and Peace


Mama i will never forget in ma life also.
I will also miss u.
Praying for u all tha times.
Thinking of u alwayz and forever till tha end of time.
ATCHU WANT???????????????????????


Insha Allah all for the good coz......Kuma Allah sa su a Aljanna...Allah hanna su wahalan a can.....Kuma muma Allah ya sa mu following the clean foot path they left......Ameeeeen

Aydee Fella

never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"


da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy