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Eternally Grateful

Started by Fulanizzle, November 06, 2002, 11:55:21 AM

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If you ask,
I can bring you the bright,golden sun
If you want,
I can put the silvery,beaming moon around your neck
If you wish,
I can shower you with all the glittering stars

Never will you compare me to anyone in the world
No one can do what you did and do to your little girl
To you,I am more than all the gold,diamonds and pearls

Appreciation, devotion,adoration is what I have for you
There is no way I can pay back for what you did for me
You will never see the day that I will make you unhappy

I will be your eternal latern to light up your dark days
I will be your ocean to quench your thirst always
I will be the tree that provides you with delicious fruits everyday

You taught me ?faith,honesty,pride,dignity,how to be wise
Everytime I wake up to pray ?before the sunrise
I pray that you are rewarded with eternal paradise

---->Eternally grateful, dedicated to MO and BABPA


:'( :'( :'( Oh my Lord!! that is soo lovely ya Ukhty and the fact that you dedicated it to your parents it just makes me wanna go :'( :'( :'(...soooo touching
greetings from Ihsaneey




Big up's 4 u..Am out of words :'(Can u plz pass me a box of tissues...Its so heart warmin.. not takin part.... heyz.. do we get 2 cast d votes? cuz thatz d interestin bit. ;)


da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


? ?
Salamu alaikum
Members will ONLY be responsibe for voting the best three poems.


.This is so awesome and ...and it made me feel like u know wanting to be ur bappah. It`s amazing you write so freely and touches many...perhaps too many u don`t even know urself. keep it up and...make us shyne
Safety and Peace