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things i have learned!

Started by Anonymous, June 25, 2002, 04:54:14 PM

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I,ve learned-
that you cannot make someone to love you
all you can do is be some one who can be loved.
the rest is up to them.

I,ve learned-
that no matter how much I care,
some people just don,t care back.

I,ve learned-
that it takes years to build up trust,
but it takes only seconds to destroy it.

I,ve learned-
that it,s not what you have in your life,
but who you have in your life that counts.

I,ve learned-
that you can get by on charm for about 15 minutes.
after that, you better know something.

I,ve learned-
that you shouldn't compare your self to
the best others can do.

I,ve learned-
that you can do something in an instant
that will give you heartache for life.

I,ve learned-
that its taking me a long time to
become the person I want to be.

I,ve learned-
that you should always leave loved ones
with loving words.It may be the last time you see them.

I,ve learned-
that you can keep going long after you can,t.

I,ve learned-
that we are responsible for what we do,
no matter how feel.

I,ve learned-
that no matter how good a friend is,
they,re going to hurt you every once in
a while and you must forgive them for that.

I,ve learned-
that no matter how bad your heart is broken,
the world doesn't stop for your grief.

I,ve learned-
that it isnt always enough to be forgiven by others.
Sometimes you are to learn to forgive yourself.

I,ve learned-
that our backgrounds and circumstances may have
influenced who we are,but we are responsible for who we become.

I,ve learned-
that just because two people argue,it doesn't mean they don,t love
each other and just because they don't argue it doesn,t they do.

I,ve learned-
that we don't have to change friends if we understand that
people change.

I,ve learned-
that you shouldn,t be eager to find out a secret,
it could change your life forever.

I,ve learned-
that two people can look at the same thing
and see something totally different.

I,ve learned-
that no matter how you tried to protect your children,
they will eventually get hurt and and you will hurt
in the process.

I,ve learned-
that your life can be changed in a matter of hours
by people who you don't know.

Ive learned-
that even when you think you have no more to give
when a friend cries out to you,you will find the
strength to help.

Ive learned-
that credentials on the wall do not make you
decent human being.

Ive learned-
that the people you care about most in life
are taken from you too soon.

Ive learned-
that its hard to determine where to draw the line between
being nice and not hurting peoples feelings.