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Who Murdered the Republic???

Started by Ibro2g, December 17, 2003, 05:09:57 PM

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? ? ? ? ? ?Who Murdered the Republic?[/b][/u]
I was looking in my old bag and I found my old
Renolds pen. On it was written; made in F.R.N. Then it occured to me. A republic State is one which the people elect a leader whom is also governed by the republic. The republic is the people. Nigeria became a republic in 1963, and despite the military rule, we still want to believe Nigeria is still a republic. Especially 1999, when democracy returned, I thought the full impact of the republic was to ?be witnessed. But look again.
? When did the Federal republic of Nigeria become the
Federal government of Nigeria? How did the "people of
Nigeria" disappear? How did the administration get to office for the government of Nigeria? Too many questions ehh?...I'll sumarise it to one. Who murdered the republic of Nigeria? leaving only the government, where are the people? No were to be found.
? ?Now I feel it, we are all ghosts, our significance is but virtual to our country, they have murdered us, they have killed the people of Nigeria, what is left is the government. It'll do as it pleases, and they do not even realise their isnt anyone to govern. Being human, they have taken all our rights, they mercilessly killed us, but since they cannot kill a ghost, I shall charge them with;
*A coup to the Federal republic of Nigeria(If there is any?)
*Multiple Genocide and Manslaughter, for murdering the republic thereby killing all Nigerians.
*Governing a ghost country into corruption.
*declaring electoral victory from ghost elections
*Denying ghosts their graves.
My fellow ghost brothers, these are a few of my charges, if you wish to charge the federal government of nigeria for more crimes you had better put it down here. Remember they cant kill you twice.

This may sound like a Joke, but its not. There is no u, what is left is just the government. You and I are ghosts now.

Long, So long the federal republic of Nigria. My question remained unanswered though,'WHO MURDERED THE REPUBLIC?"[/b]
Safety and Peace