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6 easy steps to stop smoking!!!!

Started by Anonymous, November 02, 2002, 02:59:18 PM

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Man I wish them the best!!! Its about tyme!!!."


Goody Goody newz!!!!!! Eni1 knowz d latest??? Yeah I du!!! A debate by d European Union iz cumin up about bannin Tobacco. I hope they succeed 'n' win. Wat du u reckon???????

Allah ya basu sa'a!!!!   :D
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I had 2 dug out this topic again.

Smokin, I also heard it on d news....tobacco sellers r makin fake cigarettes. They r not usually normal...grass or na herb sef fillings. They now chop off woods as it mahogany or bamboo tree they chop it up....grate it...add particles of sand.....yes the sand u match on & then spice/garnish or na freshen sef....they freshen it with lil scenty herbs....

And these men sit around.....inhale bamboo & this no go kill man pikin?

& now it has become some sort of fashion, if a person doesnt smoke...."OH THAT SO NOT KOOL BUT UNKOOL OF U" It is in vague amongst eps these teens. Ok Mayb it does help releave stress 7 tension...but 4 how long....only 4 a certain time....& then u need another fag 2 keep u up...2 level down ur stress & then another & another....then wat r u...nefink but a addict then u cannot du without it. In ur 50ty's chest problems coughs start & then he/she is dead..............

That was quite chillin & ill heatened wat I'd written up there ko? Oh well is 2 scare those who smoke (she laffs)  
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


smokers ......... ur really in danger i do a module human physiology in the module i did a topic just like two weeks ago
and we were showed pictures of smokers oh my god ........
and you smokers have a high chance of havin lung cancer n it really dangerous.
we too that dont smoke it affect us coz in my luctures i was told that a single puff of smoke will block a part of ur lung for an hour infact in the test i did just on friday i had a Q on that
so yu c double puff of smoke 2 hour and so on ..........
and wot the exhale out is really dangerous n dirty su kam masu sha there own is diffefferent there lungs are just ......... nawa so plz bro ans sis smokers plz stop its really dangerous
im studyin pharmaceutical science im not bustin im just tellin yu guyz to know that i know wot im sayin.
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baby g and the others that are lucky not to be smokers , thank ur God cos sometimes u really cant help something ....

As 4 me i love smoking , i dont do it 4 nobody , i know i shld't be but i just cant bring myself to even trying . the onething i know is that the only way out 4 me and alot of others is divine help , so pls forget the "discovery channel " stories

And just simply pray 4 us .....  


ok then Allah Subhanahu Wataallah ya sauwaka maku but i think with this holy month of ramadan it another way for yu to stop smookin i know many people (smooker) that have use the holy month to stop smookin why dont yu give it a try Allah ya taimaka AMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.


ameen .........thanxs baby G ,u know its said a prayer from someone is answered faster ,so pls keep on praying 4 us , and inshallah u 'll get all the blessings of the month ....