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6 easy steps to stop smoking!!!!

Started by Anonymous, November 02, 2002, 02:59:18 PM

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Its difficult for those who smoke and wanting to stop. They go through alot of difficulties, but here are six easy step to quit smoking.

1 - Any time to feel like smoking, replace it by taking long
     breath of fresh air and strolls.

2- Think about things you hate or iritating stuffs when you
     feel for a cigarette lit.

3-  Inform freinds & family so that they could give you
     encouragements & also remind you when you  
     lit up a stick.

4-  Set your self target points, date and calendar

 5- Treat yourself to something special after reaching
     any target point, it motivates you.

6-  Using nicotine patches, though they still contain

You will definately see dramatic changes.


Am a non Hausa, Guess Tribe doesnt matter. I read alot of stuffs here, Theres really life in this forum. Got introduced by a freind, and I taught I could drop in a few lines.
I agree with Non-smoky, I lost a true freind due to his love 4 cigarette. I  know some ppl especially youngsters find it kool 2 be seen huffin and puffing cigarette, but IT KILLS.
Naa goda  



Watched a documentary t.v. program recently on the effects of smoking. Very scary. The lungs of a heavy smoker and a non-smoker were compared side by side. The smoker's were as black as a charcoal compared to pure snow white of the non-smoker.

This without any other evidence made me on the spot to re-affirm my conviction of never ever to toy with smoking.

May God continue to guide us make us good and perfect decisions about our lives - Ameen!


Assalaam Alaikum,
Smoking, Smoking, and Smoking...everyday we hear it's bad for the health and yet we ignore that fact. Thank you Nonsmoky for the post...insha Allah it'll help the smokers.
greetings from Ihsaneey


good points there,
but i guess i need some serious help
i tried to quit smokin more than thrice
but i cant !
THANK God i dont do drugs or take alcohol
man u know something goro helps alot
but u cant get it down here  :-/


u this boy and ur goro.... na wa oh!!!

hi tola.. welcome!!!!

and as for smokin!.... thank GOD i dont smoke...  ;D
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


u this fyne diamond cream
ur allways after me!
were we enemies in our previous lifes?


Heyz  Hamza!! We've all heard that smokaholics find it difficult 2 stop, but it all about determination, onces u r determined nutins impossible!! Ppl apart from smoking kills!! I say smokin turn ppl in2 scary beings, coz it blackens their lips, darkens their nails 'n' teeth and redding the eyes wat do we have? (a scary being).Can anyone who smokes simply, precisely,convincing me and goin straight 2 d point make me realise that smokin is excellent 4 d body?? Ah!! u c. No one is up 2 d task. So 4 those who smoke & know its not good why do it??


Thank God i no dey smoke ;D Allah ya bawa masu yi ikon denawa. Amin.


AHHHH Ali, that was why you were all up for that "goro cola" of yours ;D.

So true Ummita...kiga baki yayi baki, hannu, ga kuma breath dinsu da take bata wa ???

Amin Kamil...Allah yasa su dena cause it's really a bad thing.

And eventhough it's not prohibitted, I've heard that wai anything that can harm you is haraam and smoking can harm a does that make it haraam? :-/
greetings from Ihsaneey


@ hamza... so ur sayin' i cant pick beef for no particular reason?  :P

hmm... smokers... i pray i dont have to live with one for the rest of my life... and i dont understand people who smoke... their nails turns all greenish yellow.... teeth like scarecrow own... and breath like lethal dragon... eyes like babalawo...

tofi akpa....

in no way am i describing al hamza above....  ::)
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


Sure u can pick beef 4 every particular reason, u have d total rite.... so meet ur match. That description wey u give.. about d whole smoking vs turning humans in2 bird like creatures with d scare crow.... & stuff I c one here... thats ur pic.. (fyne dyme duck) Hamza.. wat do u say 2 that? How could we b so blind d sign is everywhere most esp ur pic.. U surely look pretty. Yeah (Jey~el & I) also lost a dear freind due 2 inhalation of dried leaves, and exhalation of that nice smelly aroma.


Oh brother!! N-Star leave d gurl alone!!! (eniwayz, waves in dismissal, u r rite 4 each other ::)


Not 2 remind u N-Star u r only a guest she is a member, with them stars, so that makes her d real star


I couldnt stand 2 ignore this, even though I was busy with my project, doin sum reserch. NICE ONE UMMITA. VERY WELL THANK YOU. SPOTTING D DIFFERERENCE. Sai an gayawa baitul jama'a say am only a guest and dyme b senior member. Those stars , we she de take show off, nami out of pity sef take kam give d gal. :P Besides Ummita wetin b ur own, or u just cant understand, that she luvs startin up beefs (no worry giel, I go teach u lesson) there is this bond.... u get me we r blood sisters with dyme. NO BI S0?. So babu ruwan kowa. dat fyne dyme, naso u still am from Ginuwine... (she's so finex3 she's so dymex3) abi? ;D ;D ;D :P Girl make we proceed, gimme ur best shot...