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If I were...

Started by Ibro2g, March 20, 2005, 05:05:22 PM

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I was thinking... alotta people make wishes and dreams that are never answered or realised, yet again I want to believe many of us here are living witnesses that dreams do come true and some prayers are really answered. I mean you have made at least one wish or prayer which u hadn't regret still or isn't there?

Many of us wish good upon our comunities or selves or even nation, here is your chance to just dream it...think of any seat or position you would like to make an impact on which will in turn make an impact to ur society... make it good.

I'll go First:
If I were the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, I will invest alot in sports so that it could unify all Nigerians together to feel a comon identity. I'll ban all importations and let us do ours, import teachers if possible or train our own people to teach ours, we'll build a .... a star space station when we try.
haha... lets see u try[/color] be good
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