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What are you reading today?

Started by Muhsin, December 06, 2007, 10:57:20 AM

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What book (novel) are you reading today? Answer this by writing its title, author's name, what is fascinating about it, etc.

As a new sub-forum, think it would be nice to know what you people are reading today or rather right now. So lets get started...

Am reading Provenance by McDonald Frank. I very much enjoy reading the novel because in-spite of its being a bit bulky yet it holds its reader, always at the edge of his chair, eager to know what would likely happen at the next scene, i.e very suspenseful. It's about uncovering stolen arts and artifacts during  Second World War by Nazis in France by the protogonist of the novel.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


i am sure its interesting, ll look for it to read.

i consider myself a bookworm, i read any n everything, hough there r some things i stay clear of, u can not catch me reading a horror novel, i read IT by stephen king n i didnt recover from it 4 yrs,so much so that i bought d movie about 8 mnths ago n still havnt watchd it.

i read romance(of course), love thrillers, medical n court room dramas, i even like autobiographies once in a while, comedy,adventure, sci fi etc. i do not read hausa novels bcos they r not properly published, i usually get worked up,correcting d grammer, i read islamic books(not alot), anyway, i hav to go now, ll share more later.
what im reading now ll not interest alot of ppl, but i read john grisham's d innocent man, very interesting, though i cant remember most of it now, alot has happened since then, ll b interested to c if anyone has read it.


Ummu T. Maybe u should talk with GGNK on John Grisham. He's looking for anyone who's read the partner by John Grisham.

I am reading this book, which is bulky, but not very interesting. I just picked it up from the library because i needed to read something. anyway, its a bit mediocre from some unknown author about a family saga. I only read it when i have nothing to do or have to tread the mill.
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


   Hmmm,Ummutameen,it seems we are in different worlds.I cannot stand romantic movies ballantana books.I know how they all end so why bother?I like something that will make me think,keep me in suspence.yeees oh! My king of books.I love thrillers and horrors and when i begin reading a book,i finish it in a day some times two days depending on the pages.Time is something i have for books because i can read a book anywhere,anytime.In the kitchen while cooking(i sometimes end up burning the food),in the tiolet,in buses,i can even read a book while walking.So far,i have been lucky that i have not bump into something or fell.My mum calls me alhudda hudda.I dont even know what that means.Reading is something that runs in my family.My father reads like tomorrow no go come.We exchange books.
  The latest book i read was 2 days ago.It took me a day to finish it.It is called PREY by MICHAEL CRICHTON who is also the author of Jurassic park,Rising sun,The lost world and State of fear. PREY is about some organisms that where created by some scientists.They are called swarm of microbots and are design to reproduce,learn and develope.They began to hurnt and eat.It is really interesting.
  I like it not only because it is entertaining but also because it got me thingking that these scientist will stop at nothing to expand science regardless of the impact it might have on humanity and the full implications.Nanotechnology is the newest of technology.from the facts that i have read,it is 'the quest to build man-made machinary of extremly small size and the prediction is that these mechines will provide everything from miniature computer components to new cancer treatments to new weapons of war.Now this book is about Nanotechnology.Everything went wrong.
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Wow, its nice to see people reading.I think i prefer books to movies (still not sure though).
Ummu my sister has the innocent man novel and neither of us is willing to read the book.I read the preview on the back and i simply can't read it.Its a true story of injustice to a former baseball player.I can't stand such tragedy.Na san zalunchi ne kawai. But i'm still tempted.

LOL .Stephen King hunted u for 4 I remember when reading 'tell me your dreams' by Sidney Sheldon(even though it wasn't a horror novel),there were places that i just couldn't continue reading in my room alone, sai na shiga cikin mutane.It was thrilling.

Interesting taste you have bee,a lady despising romantic books and novels  8)

Right now i am reading 'gone with the wind' by Margaret Mitchell. Its an old book about love and war.I don't know but i find it a bit difficult reading this particular book.I think the English is a bit classic sometimes i have to read lines over and over again.But it is very very interesting. Considered to be the greatest love story ever written.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Am glad too, as Gogannaka has said, that people are reading. Lack of good reading culture is one of northern people gigantic and massive failure that's being ravaging our younger generation. Always poeple prepare to listen to radio for aquisition of news, etc.

Just like my big Aunty, you also hate horror novels. And that's why I last time pinpointed that (hatred of tragic/horror novels by women) is very conventional among you. But why? Can't you remember while reading it that its a mere fictitious story? Lol

And I've never read John G. Don't get access to one yet.

Am really surprise at your side that you don't like romantic novels as you aren't a woman. As a man or boy, I may say, I very much enjoy reading romantic literature peices.

Quote from: gogannaka on December 07, 2007, 12:01:28 AM
Considered to be the greatest love story ever written.

By who? I also have once read another novel that they say something like this about it. Can't actually recal it's author's name but she's an English woman but it's title is French Bride.

I am today reading J.H Chase's Mallory. It's as always a thriller of one of his best protogonist called Martin Corridon. Just start it today so can't say much about it's content.
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omigod, dis is d place to b,i presently hav a serious allergic reaction but i hav 2 say a few things, thats how interesting this is, just imaging me scatching n typing.......... hilarious!
Bee, im sure u enjoyed prey, i also read a michael crichton back in 99 n i liked it, do u know hes also d creator of ER? d med. drama.
GGNK, ive read d partner, 2ce, d guy is a genius, stealing d 99mil rom his partners d way he did. I think ive read all d grishams also sydney sheldons, d only one dat eluded me was d SANDS OF TIME,finally read it last yr, its d one about d 3 nuns( i think) my brain is porous these days.

has anyone read kathie reich? she writes forensic investigative thrillers, uses bone evidence to solve crimes, the series BONES is based on her novels


Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


   Ummutameem,i have read GRAVE SECRETS written by KATHY REICH.Very interesting.I loved it.I have not come across any of her books after that but i guess she has other interesting books.
   You appeared surprised Muhsin. Hahaha.There are plenty out there like me.There was this book i read sometime ago.I cant remember the name but it is romantic and i liked it.Maybe because it is kind of scary.It is about a prince who fell in love with a spirit(There is a name for her kind in the book but i cannot remember what it is).She visits him in his dreams.According to the book,that is what she is created to do.Visit men in their dreams.She became motal daga karshe though and they got married.kind of spooky but it is good.
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Quote from: Muhsin on December 07, 2007, 12:03:04 PM
LOL UmmuT, you haven't respond my question?
so sorry mr. moderator, like i said, i was distracted earlier. ur question was y cant women remember that horror novels r fiction, d main reason is that most of the plots r so realistic that u cant help but visualise whats happening, d fear comes from that. u know how u can really get into a book that u forget ur sorroundings, subconsciously, u r in d novel, 2gether with d characters, pls do tell me how u can not b scared in that situation! I do hope u write like that i.e make us lose ourselves in ur novels. Good luck wit ur first one, may it b d first of many to come.
Bee....ive read at least 2 other kathie reichs but cant remember d names now, ll look em up for u when i get home IA, do u read jackie collins?
muhsin, this one is for u, what do u think of walter rodney's HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA? hope uve read it, ..............anyone?


Bee and Ummutameem, have read your responses.

...reading Roy Maynard's .38 Caliber. It's a mystery novel about Emerson Dunn's adventure as a reporter. I don't really enjoy my reading but I do it because I ran out of novels. Any way, as I use to do, am going tomorrow to Bata, Sabon-Gari for my books exchange.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


it seems to me if we are all Hassan da Husaini. i like reding novels, thogh i read  All both African and european novels but realy i appreaciate european noveles must. I some times reading thrillers and romance.

Even though, James Hardly's works were not canonically considered literature, I finished one to day "figure t out for your self." yes this is the name, the one about a fake kidnapping of the fourth richest woman in the world Serena Marshland's husban Lee Dedrick. Presently before I start surfing, I am with Povenance.
Such is Allah your Rabb, His is the creation and...


Have just decided to drop that other book I said I was reading. Can't really finish ot as for I wasn't enjoying it.

I'm today reading J.H Chase's The Way the Cookies Crumble. Just start it yesterday night, so can't say much about it. Yet, its about a dwarf hotel waiter called Ticky Edris. It seems from the begining that I'll enjoy my reading. It's worth spending night with.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


 you hav joind anas in reading chase, im sure you ll enjoy it, cant remember if ive read that one, im back to reading that my book, ll look 4 smthn interesting soon IA


It's taking me too long reading 'gone with the wind'.1000 plus pages.

Surprisingly i have never read a Chase novel.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment