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Started by Anonymous, December 23, 2002, 09:22:43 PM

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Recently, Jigawa State Government added 40 local government councils to its 27, making 67 in all. There is a lot of argument for and against this. Some say its bringing government closer to the people, while others say it is not a feasible venture,and constitutes further drain on our scarce resources which will eventually go to paying the cost of additional bureaucracies.....and more.

Yet others think the states constitute the drain and should be abolished, everyone should concentrate on service to local community. What do we think?  


I think the whole local government issue is just a political tool to whip up emotions and create unneccessary division amongst people. How many local govts. do we need to create b4 we reach the optimum no? When will the cycle stop and what are the benefits to anybody. All you have to do is mention new local govts and people get hysterical with all sorts of "movements" for creation cropping up. A local govt. that was just carved out several years ago folllowing a "movement" for it's creation will suddenly split up into several new movements with each seeking for autonomy and sometimes hostilities break out over who goes where.
Do we need to create a local govt. for every citizen? If you take out the lgs in lagos and some other parts of the south, and maybe lgs like kano municipal, kaduna south/north etc , which of the existing lgs can sustain yhemselves without the monthly allocation.

Ithink politicians are just paying the lg card to achieve their selfish objectives.