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The weed

Started by Ibro2g, February 27, 2003, 09:37:52 PM

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Myself, I don't understand
my instincts are out of hand
I try to stick to the band
I`m taken away from my land

My brains are twisted
my heart is tempted
Suddenly, I'm abducted
I pray I won't regret it

I fell into fantasy
I reached a point of ecstacy
But I could not see
I was in the weeds mercy

I did and saw the unable
btw the ridicled and the impossible
I was sure, certain and able
before me, nothing is unbeatable

I awake, half dead half in caution
terrified of the destruction
it affects all the motions
I even hurt my emotions
Safety and Peace


His mother walked in and found him in a semi conscience condition. " Why do u do this to yourself...why do u do this to us, why destroy us...why?" she cries and drags him, it was sad, he killed his father, raped his sister...end up getting pregnant ,and worse burnt his fathers biggest asset: a clinic wid peeps inside. Only faith did'nt let the mother herself comit sucide. The sad end was he never knew he did it.
Safety and Peace


agari Nakowa Mugu Sai Maishi


"Ouch"! That is one heavy peace. Ibro, this poem is sooooooooooo supacalifragilisticexpialidocicous!!! Thats more like it! That passes a very gud message! More greeze men! more greeze!It is T-Y-T!!!
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!



Thanks ummita, though I'm still trying to fiqure out what it means.
Ummulhuda, dis kinda things happen like every single day.

Safety and Peace


QuoteA very disturbing poem.


nice poem tho.... as usual!!!!
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


agari Nakowa Mugu Sai Maishi


You I dont know what 2 say. Thanks alot man
Safety and Peace