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I am for you only

Started by Ibro2g, January 03, 2003, 02:50:48 AM

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I wanted your ties
so I rolled the dice
but in your eyes
Is more than a price.

The moment we met
The lights got set,
and you got in the net
what you will not regret.

I'd die to see you glad.
I'd never make you mad.
I will only look bad
when you turn sad.

I'd do everything I can.
I'd forever be your fan.
Non is a perfect plan
better than we as one.

We are the perfect fit.
We create a big hit,
no doubt about it,
we shall never quit.

You are an exellent view.
You come to me so true,
and you told me that you do
I am meant for only you.
Safety and Peace