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What is human right ?

Started by Abduldansadau, May 23, 2005, 03:14:10 PM

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:shock: by now or in our new world we are saying human right but we even not to know what is human right is all about, because see how is our graduate  suffering and stroggling for a work (job) in our country and if you look in the other hand the others have oready enjoying our country wealth. so that i need to knowthe human right we are talking in this country?


Well Human right in NIgria or any part of the world is just a word that has no meaning in it real sense,what i mean is only when it concerned or attract the attention of super power that could be termed as human right,amma zaka ga daga su wadanda suke ikirarin kare hakkin biladama har su 'yan kwaikwayo are only using the word with out meaning