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Started by Dan-Borno, September 21, 2007, 04:35:14 PM

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The past 3 days were shocking and terrifying for all
those who knew Bashir, both within and outside
Maiduguri, especially, his close friends who have
been alumni of UNIMAID.  To his family, they have
lost a concrete pillar among them, a face lifter and
the family's spokesperson of all times.

Its not Bashir's death that shocked and terrified his
admirers, but the manner it happened. (DB tears dropping)
I hate narrating this incidence.

It all happened one morning, when a childhood friend of
Bashir came to his house and inform him about his
piece of land at Damaturu and his intention to sell the
said piece of land to his friend Bashir.  Whoever knew
Bashir knows that he has started stepping into his father's
business i.e. Estate & Property Managers (Agent).

As it has been his usual business, he accompanied his
friend to Damaturu while his friend took over the drivers
seat of Bashir's car.  Unknown to innocent Bashir, the
Can Juice he was offered by his friends was adulterated
by some tablets and within few minutes he started dozzing

Bashir only woke up at Damagum about 25 kilometers to
Potiskum.  Bashir was a little bit confused and the effect
of the drug was still fresh, however, he managed to
ask why are they at Damagum instead of Damaturu?
It was then it occured to him that he is in a wrong hand.
In a swift, the other culprit at the back sit hit him hard
with the car's jerk (or wheel spanner), he felt down
unconciously, they parked the car hit him harder and
harder and harder until they are satisffied that he is
dead.  They dug and dump him in a nearby farm land
and zoomed off to Jos.

It was at Jos where they tried to sell off Bashir's car
that it occured to them the original documents of the
car is not inside the car.  So, the culprit came back to
Maiduguri alone leaving behind the other with the car.
He came straight to Bashir's house.  Bashir's wife on
seeing him asked what is the matter, because they left
since yesterday and up till now she hasnt hear from
any of them.  The culprit told her that, they were
caught by police along the road, and infact, they have
held Bashir with the car.  That he was sent to come
and collect the original document of the car (Kai kaji
munafuki da rashin kunya).

Da Allah ya tashi tona masa asiri, the wife noticed
her husband's wrist watch on the guy's hand, and also
her mobile handset which her husband uses.  She
immediately and silently called her inlaw to come
forward, that was how this guy was arrested, and
after a long interrogation, he admitted killing Bashir,
he took them to where they dump his dead body.
Da ikon Allah kuma, mutanen kauye sun tsinci Bashir
kuma sun fahimci cewa musulmi ne, so suka yi masa
salla sa'annan suka binne shi.  The body was later
exhumed and photograph was taken - sai ka gani a TV.

The other culprits were pursued and they were all
caught, we only pray that justice will be done.

That is for Bashir Baba Musami, he has lived a very
descent life and trusted among all his friends and
relatives.  Even his fathers business colleagues
prefer to deal with him than his father because of
his approach to issues.

The last time we met, yace min "Nayi fushi da kai
tun da baka zo daurin aure na ba" I was so ashamed,
however, i narrated the incident that led to my
absence at his wedding day and he gladly accepted
my apology, as usual, we teased each other before
we finally part.

He is a very young and ambitious youth at his early
30s, despite the fact that his father is a wealthy person,
he believes in earning from his sweat, it is based on this
that he started lecturing at Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri.

Allah ya jikansa ya kuma gafarta masa.

And to the murderers of Bashir, in masu shiriya ne
Allah ya shiryar da su, in kuma ba masu shiriya bane
Allah ya gaggauta tona musu asiri and the likes of them
all over the world.
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


Allahu Akbar, Allahsarki kunji wani aikin :( Allah jikan musulmi Allah gafarta masa.
Kai wannan duniyar abin tsoro ce mutane ba imani ba kunya ba tsoro.
Kash Subhanallahi.
*Each day is definately defining me and finding me*


Muna yi maka taaziyyar mutuwar abokin ka, kuma muna taya ka bakin cikin kashe shin da akai. Allah Ya Gafarta masa, Amin. Su kuma wa'yanda suka kashe shi, sai sun fada a gaban Ubangiji dalilin da yasa su ka dau ransa. Duk wanda ya kashe rai wanda Allah Ya haramta masa kissassa, kamar ya kashe duk alummar musulmi ne. Alhakiin da ya rataya akan su kenan. Allah Ya dada tona musu asiri. Allah Ya baka kai da iyalin sa hakurin jure rashin sa,  ameen
Ghafurallahi lana wa lakum


Allah ya jikansa da gafara, yasa aljanna firdausi makomarsa, mu kuma allah yasa mu gama da duniya lafiya amin. my sincere condolences to u and his family, allah ya baku hakurin wannan rashin.
Life is like a flower; more exquisite and precious when shared with others.


This is very shocking & sad news.

Allah SWT ya jikansa amin.

I'm a friend of his younger brother,umar
and im getting to know about the unfortunate event through this medium.

I cant remember meeting the late Bashir but i can atest to the fact that they have a very good fanily.

His wife was very smart and in leading to the arrest of the culprits....
no doubt if left only to the nigerian police it eud have undoubtedly joined the already long list of unsolved gruesome murders in this country..

I can recall anothr 1 which to place in similar fashion not 2 long ago involving a person from Borno though the victim was from kano.


Thank you Mumcee, Amira, Husna and Neozizo for
the deep symphaty and prayers for the soul of the
deceased person.

Neozizo, exactly, he has a brother Umar, and that
incidence that happens in Kano about 2 years ago
is still fresh in our memory and it has the same
rythm with this one - a friend betraying a friend
because of worldly thing.  Allah ya sauwake.
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihir Raji'un.
Allah ya jikan shi.
What a sad story.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Allah ya jikan musulmi-Amin.

Muma some few weeks ago, we heartily, bitterly experienced something in some way akin to this incident that happened to some body in our quarters. And I think some of you may know him or might have heard of it. His name is Late Alhaji Hafizu Tafida, until his death, he was Kano Vigilant Group Boss. His juniors, or rather 'boys'  are suspected to have murdered him.

They, four of them, including him in a car went to Taraba for a meeting. But surprise they came back with his corpse and announced that they had an accident en rout. One other unbleivable fact is; none of them sustained any injuries and the car nothing happened to it; all its parts are well except, I think, a side light that damaged.

He was about to be brought out for prayer after shrouding when his elder son protested that his father was not naturally dead but some one, among these people whom none among was present, engineered his death. Instantly an investigation kicked-off.

Police and other security agents took him to hospital for post-Morten. Subsequently, the result showed that he was assassinated.

To cut it short, these thoughtless people are now at police net. As the voices of the people say, they killed him because they are soon going to conduct election in the cadre. And without an ounce of doubt, as he stands for re-election, he would win the position. That is their darn reason.

Allah ya kyauta, amma dan adam ba abin amincewa ba ne. Allah yasa mu cika da imani-Amin.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.



Ai duk wanda yace baya tsoran mutum, toh kuwa baya tsoran Allah.
Sharrin mutum!,... mutum kuma wanda yake kusa dakai sai Allah kawai.
Shiyasa yawanta adu'a da sadaka yake da kyau........ Allah ubangiji yakaremu da makarinsa.
Sukuma wadanda suka rugamu Allah ya jikansu da gafara.
!!!........................I STAND 4 ISLAM..........................!!!


Quote from: Myself on October 10, 2007, 11:22:43 PM


Ai duk wanda yace baya tsoran mutum, toh kuwa baya tsoran Allah.
Sharrin mutum!,... mutum kuma wanda yake kusa dakai sai Allah kawai.
Shiyasa yawanta adu'a da sadaka yake da kyau........ Allah ubangiji yakaremu da makarinsa.
Sukuma wadanda suka rugamu Allah ya jikansu da gafara.

Thats right Myself. Allah ya amsa addu'ar ka.
Get to know [and remember] Allah in prosperity & He will know  [and remember] you in adversity.


Ba abin fadi, sai fadan Allah ya gafarta masa, kamar yadda kowa ke cewa.
Allah kuma yasa mu gama da duniya lafiya.


Allah yaji kanshi yai masa rahama. Ameen. Allah ya kiyaye mu Ameen


the last post in this thread is reading november 15th 2007
and today is 5th march, 2009 which is a year and some
months.  then in between 10th september 2007 which is the
date our friend Bashir Baba Musami was gruesomely killed
by same friend and today is one year and a half.  to most of
us 'Bashir's friends' its history, we neither remember Bashir
nor if justice has taken its cause on the perpetrators of this
heinous act.

as far as i am concern, i know this case will not see the light
of the day, our judicial system is so weak that only rare cases
get quick justice.  if a murderer even after he has confessed
his atrocities is being held in awaiting prison enjoying numerous
of adjournment from his lawyers, then i think the jungle justice
should be tried like the one we see in indian films - we jump
into the maximum prison, locate his luxurious room where we
heard is equiped with video games and lots more, hang him
and off we disappear living headlines on the national daily the
following day.

this is a serious issue, the murderer's confession is everywhere
in town with this bluetooth technology, if you hear the narration
wallahi tallahi you will be scared of all your friends, because this
is somebody he so much trusted since childhood, killing him in
a gruesome manner, leaving his body to be eaten by animals
inna lillahi wa inna ilaihir rajiuna.

our judges hand's are tied down, they are left at the mercies of
the liers lawyers who MUST be listened to in a court of law
no matter what jaggon they will speak.  throughout the past period,
his lawyer is still insisting that Ahmed (murderer) is possesed by
some unknown forces and the whole story is a fabrication and even
the confessions where forced on his clients.

Alex, who is an accomplice in this case is the one who brought in
the poisonous powder to be inserted in the can juice which bashir
took and become unconcious - Alex is under bail, i even heard he
is out of the country.  So, the rumour going round is that, the family
of Alex are doing their best to see that this case is frustrated by lack
of enough evidence, since its a case of culpable homicide and must
be proved beyond reasonable doubt, it doesnt matter is thery are
going to buy both the police who took the confessional statement and
may be the prosecution officer, because the logic is; if ahmed is
going down, then definitely, Alex must also go down no matter how
small it is, and alex's family are not ready to trade this.  witnesses
on Bashir's side which includes his dearest wife, the mother of his
only son, his two immediate brothers who testified at the court that
they say Ahmed and Bashir on that very day Bashir disappeared.

very soon, and i mean very soon, i will lead a very powerful
delegation to the office of the chief justice of borno state were we
"Bashir's friend" will lay our complaint and facts before his lordship,
because the public court has already convicted Ahmed, so if he is
released by any means or the delay is continued, then we will take
the law into our hands by any means available - this animal cant
continue staying in our midst, and lets show whoever that has same
intention that this will be his end.

May Allah subhanahu wata'ala guard and protect us from the evil
that men do.

May Allah forgive Bashir Baba Musami.
"My mama always used to tell me: 'If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for" - Tupak


Inna lillahi wa inna Ilaihir Rajiun!

This a an inexcusable, utterly wicked and disgusting act. It is perpetrated by some of the most belligerent blood thirsty thugs with an unquantifiable lust for money! It is indeed a sign of how diminutive and mendacious how some people could shirk decency and meekness and commit the most heinous of crimes. :o May Allah SWT guide and protect us, amin.


Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi Ra'ji'un!!!
DB, I just came across this crass mentality now, i didnt saw since. ALLAH ya jikan malam Bashir ya raya his only son and give the wife and all his friends and family the courage to pursue his right. You and your Delegation will my have 1000% of my support. Our legal system is so ragtag, hollow, and full of lacuna. I cannot imagine somebody who called himself a lawyer will try to convince a judge that a murderer was under a spell when he confess to his gruesome act.

To the police, the judges and indeed the lawyers; whoever allow himself to be influenced by anything whatsoever, he will ended up in te sight of ALLAh as a murderer. and ALLAH says "He who killed a believer intentionally, Verily his reward shall be Hell fire, He will forever remained in her, and the wrath of ALLAH befallen Him and HE curse him, and HE will unlish upon him multitude chastisement"  This verse is applicable to whoever shield a murderer from justice. ALLAH ya jikan Malam Bashir Baba Musami.
it takes oppressed and oppressor for oppression to occur