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Real Madrid,The Ultimate!

Started by Gee, April 21, 2003, 11:51:09 PM

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   Any Real Madrid Fans?I have a question for ManU fans.What are you gonna say next?This is the second time we have kicked your ASS!We are going to take the trophy right infront of your eyes at Old Traford.
   I think it's time now that ManU should respect R. Madrid.The Reds should bow to White Magic.Go Real! Go for the 10th Title.
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


First of all, this is meant to be in the sport section...where is da admin???
Second, what real has gotten is just a bunch of toys, or should I say cyborgs. They are so good individually... We are talking about a human team when we talk about
MANCHESTER UNITED (Oh I love the way that name sounds). Our players are nothing compared to yours individually, but as a team... damn well everyone knows manU is the dream team.
You may win this trophy but to do that, you are going to have to pass through a
Manchester United @ old trafford, and u will be trully worthy of the trophy.
I still stick to United, why? The magical feeling I can never explain...try asking the
theatre of dreams
Safety and Peace


  Ummm,What the hell is your name? Ibro???Well first of all,this is a general board so i can talk about anything i like because it said so.I know about the sport section but i decided to post the messege here.Hey, i can do what ever i like.
   Your reaction to my statement about Real?ManU.First,I want you to do a little research. ;).Please go to ManU website( and search Alex Fergusson remarks about Real Madrid Players.From his Perception,he beleives Real Madrid have some of the best players in the world.Your statement about Real players are toys have been answered.If you still dont beleive this,let me lay it down this way.
-Alex Fergusson is a great coach right?
-He coaches ManU which is one of the best clubs in the world.
- He said,let me repeat it again,he said Real have some of the best players in the world.Then who are you to challenge his view?You're just a fan.He is a coach with experience and knowledge,therefore he knows better.
     About Real Madrid kicking your butt,this is not the first time.You mentioned Real players are good individually.Then how comes they trash ManU 3-1?Scoring goals is not an easy job.You have to work as a team and thats Real Madrid is all about.I want to remind you,Real Madrid has the world record of buying world class players.A club like Real Madird would not spent Millions of Dollars on toys.There must be some potential they see on a player.ManU heavily depend/rely on Beckham.Very soon,ManU fans are gonna cry because Beckham is heading for Real.(pls check his remarks/comments about Real Madrid)Mind you,I didn't say ManU is a bad team.ManU is a good team.
I really like them in the English League because they use to trash Arsenal and the rest.It's just that they met White Magic!
   About the trophy.You're going to experience the real agony of defeat:'(.We are going to kick your butt again and go straight for the tilte because whoever beats ManU wins the title.I cannot wait to see that day when the Trophy will be given to Real in what you called "theatre of Dream"Well tell me about it.It sounds like theatre of crap!

   Go Real! Go for the 10th Title
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


Man as much as I like Real u guys still have 2 deal with Juventus 1st b4 u can say the title is yours.


Yeah Men, I understant.It's just that these ManU Fans can't understand.Real has kicked ManU butt.This is not the first time.I just ?want ManU fans to accept the fact that Real won the match with hard work and team effort.Afterall it's only a sport.
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


Where are ManU fans?what did you i told you?Yau sun hadu da gabansu.Madrid babu wasa.Though you won today but kun sha wahala.And now we are going for the title in the so called "theatre of Dreams".
     I want ManU fans especially(ibro???) to watch what happened at the end of the match.Beckham came begging for Zidane's Jersy.Who you believe to one of the best players in the world want to learn more just by putting on the jersy,Talkness of meeting Zidane personally.Let this be a lesson for ManU.Na gaba yayi gaba!
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


dan Allah dont mind this excuse for a real madrid fan. all these real madrid fans are cawards, they cant stand loosin, so they choose to support a team like real madrid bcuz they think the team never looses. well let me be the first to inform u, real madrid are not takin the champions league this time Insha Allah. with teams like milan, juventus still in it. u know there is this fact bout football: english teams alwayz beat the italian teams but find it really hard to beat the spanish teams but the italian teams have alwayz dealt with stubborn spanish teams (real madrid). so i trust the italian teams will deal with madrid...
o be or not To be, Is that really a question??


Well Thanks for using InshAllah.Let me tell you somehting.
nobody is above losing.If you can remeber,Real lost to Bayern
Munich few years ago.About Real Fans thinking Real cannot lose is just your opion.I am a real Fan and i dont think like that.I hope you're not a fan of ManU coz they are the one's who talk like this.They've been defeated so there is going to be alot of bad stuff about the club.Real Fans are not cowards for you information.Supporting a club and saying your opinion is not cowardness.
   You mentioned something about spanish teams wining over English teams.Bla bla bla.Well thats a superstition crap.I dont believe that and i have facts to prof this.If you can remember
Real Madrid has won this league 9 times.In 1957,Real Madrid kicked Foreintina's butt 2-0 and won their first title.In 1958 Real also kicked Milan's butt 3-2 and won the title.In 1998 Real again trash Juventus 1-0.All these losers were Italian teams.Now how dare you mention stuff like that?Let this be a lesson for you and whatever club you're supporting.Na gaba yayi gaba na baya sai labari.I am not saying that these Italian
teams are bad,but let's stop these "assumptions" and wait for the D-day to come.Like you've said ealier InshAllah,InshAllah Real Madrid will win the title.
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


The deal is... Wednesday nights game was the best this champions league season, it was a victory for both sides though it was more for real. But even if real tales the trophy for the God knows how many times, They know they had to pass through a Manchester United, and heavens knows they know the price they paid if u dont(I believe in som'n).We won the battle but lost the war!. Well I also believe in som'n, soccer has its numerous attributes and chances, we lost chance but we are still rated with them, take a look at world top 25, and cnn's top 10, man, u'll discover MANCHESTER UNITED IS NO 1 and at a lesser degree(juss joking) Real is no 2. You gotta face it, hating us is one thing, but denying our professionalism is another.
And paleeeeeeez, Becham and zizu..haha. I saw it, but I also heard zizus comment. He said he is proud to play and see becks again, and how wonderful he is and his team. Remember, Becks and Zizu had a looong tie, since when zizu waz at Juve, even before that, world best 11 against ManU, becks played alongside zizu and eric cantona and other top player even of that time...both he and cantona instead of playing for manU.
Remember, This may not be the first time real won us on aggregate, but we also have won them before. take a look at ur stats my friend. History only repeated itself. Its a game of soccer...ta gaji haka.
To every one, My last info...
I am for
Manchester United, Then now...not until after forever.[/b]
Safety and Peace


I'm with you Ibro2g. ManU 4eva. How I wished Beckham had played one more minute, he could have prooved why Real Madrid wants him even with Figo. The difference between the two is that Figo can take on defenders and pass them and thats it. But when it comes to SPOT kicks, crosses, passes and influence, Beckam(Malam) iiis the man and no doubt about that. He missed the other free kick because there was no time, it was already injury time and we need two goal at that time so he had no time to concentrate like his first kick. Anyway as you said Ibro Everyone was a winner on wednesday and lets hope for Juventus to play at Old Trafford come May. Ruud was better than Ronaldo yesterday but Ronaldo got the most chances and he took them. Everyone was happy that Raul won't be playing and we saw why Ronaldo is the world player. One of the best soccer games of all time and thank God we won. I hope we respond positively in our last three games in the Premiership.
ny good thing I said is from Allah and any bad thing I said is from me...So I ask for Allah's forgiveness for my errors both conscious and unconscious ones...Ameen!!!


Well that's yout crap.I mean thats your perspective.The reason why i started this arguement was: You mentioned Real has to pass through Old Trafford which it did.You forgot i mentioned nobody is above losing.Juve can beat Real but my goal is accomplish.All i wanted to Real to destroy if not eliminate Manu.
 For the cnn soccer rating.Thats a hell of a crap!Please do not believe with that statistics because I can vote a 100 times for a club and it'll still count.My philosophy is,fans of a club can vote multiple time.I want you to check FIFA ratings.Thats something I can count on.
  For you information.I dont hate ManU.I support ManU in the English league.It's just that when it comes to champions league,Real are my favorite.I think you guys hate Real with great animosity.Try to mention somehting good about the club because you know they are damn good.
  For the other guy comparing Rudd to Ronaldo.Please and please stop it.Do not even attepmt to try and say that again.Hey don't even think about it in your mind.Ronaldo is incomparable to Rudd.Everybody knows Ronaldo is better.Huh!may be you didn't watch the world cup. :o
  Wednesdays game was not a victory for both side.I think you made a mistake.if you can remember,ManU was out of the competition.You lose :'( That is not a true victory.You know what? you can say anything you want but just try to say the truth or just be fair.
  I believe in Somehting says.... Real will win the title Godwilling
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


I'm not an evid supporter of either team but from watching the two legs, this is my take:

For the first leg, ManU have only themselves to blame for the trashing. They basically sat in their half and allowed real madrid to play their game; no wonder raul, figo and zidane were having a field day, with neat little tricks, dribbling and passing. when they attacked a bit in the second half real was obviously uncomfortable, esp. with van nistelroy. but still they were all watching flat-footed as raul scored his third goal for 20 yards.

As for the second leg, Manu's defense really let them down. I mean, real madrid attacked thrice and scored thrice, whereas manu attacked the whole game and wasted so many chances, though they won in the end. again manu were of playing zombi to real madrid, esp. for the second goal. Real madrid's defence isn't that great either. hierro and helguera looked very weak against van nistelroy. a striker like theirry henry would have had a field day. They were just lucky their attacking force was so good.

So, as for who is the best in the world, without a doubt, real madrid. In the second leg match they seemed to score at will. Sorry ibro, no way manchester united is above Real, as long as we're talking about football. in terms of marketable value, then yes manu would be no. 1, and that is largely b/c of someone called david beckham.


Actually i don't want real madrid to win the CL, haba isn't nine times enough? Hopefully juventus will school them somehow :)


Yeah i am with you.Every club has strenght and weakness.
Both clubs played very hard and Real  prove they are the best.
  Your remarks about Real going for the 10th title,c'mon verybody wants more.From inference i can see you're a fan of Juve.Hypothetically.if Juve wins the title,wouldn't want you to win again?
ano ta dabo tumbin giwa.Yaro koda me kazo an fika


Surprise, surprise, Real Madrid lost. And it was a befitting loss too. With Makelele injured and thus not available to do the donkeywork, the under par defence was badly exposed. In fact, Hierro was at fault for every single goal. He was in lingo as Trezeguet scored from a tight angle, shaken and stirred as Del Pierro fired in a brilliant second, and was jogging as Nedved raced onto Zambrotta's pass and volleyed one-time into the goal. Juve were surprisingly excellent at everything, defending, controlling the midfield, and attacking.

I'm sure Fergusen and other ManU players were kicking themselves while watching this match. If only they had attacked during the first half of their game at the Bernabeau, instead they sat in their own half and watched Real Madrid prance around like the Harlem Globetrotters. No wonder Real looked so invincible in that match. The ManU players might as well have taken paper and pencil w/ them to the pitch.

I guess the moral of the story is that balance is the key. You can't win games if you don't attack effectively, but you will lose if you have no defensive backbone. Real Madrid were far more superior attackwise, but they lost cuz they couldn't defend. That's an indictment of not only their defenders but their midfielders as well. Emphasis was placed on attack - Zidane, Figo, Guti - players with flair, concerned with making sweet long/short range passes and making mazy runs as opposed to chasing loose balls and tracking down players as in Makelele. I guess his role fell to Conceciao, who was busy firing shots from dreamland (and ended up being replaced by Ronaldo of all ppl). I don't know what Cambiasso was doing on the pitch.

In any case Real need to buy a solid defender. Hierro and Helguera are converted midfielders (to make way for ppl of flair like Zidane & Figo); the former lacks pace, the latter lacks positional awareness. All this talk about wasting money on Beckham is ridiculous; the bobo does not have a defensive bone in his body. In the 5 matches b4 Wednesday's game, Real conceded 20 goals! When will it enter their head that they can/should spend money on a quality defender?